During our annual Foundation Board meeting held on 13 November 2010 (Jaarvergadering), it was pointed that it would make sense to keep a Web-Agenda, as to show what our actual commitments are. It will be possible to inform web-visitors about what we are planning and what we actually are doing; as well as getting an idea what has been done in the past. It is evident that it will take some time to build up this new webpage.



Agenda page initiated on: 19 November 2010


Current status:  5 July 2023


We would like to keep the actual subjects in the upper section and then going backwards in time.


I have to apologize, that maybe not all has been worded in a logical order, as what has been noticed so far, is directly resulting from my memories. It might happen that something is more emphasized upon than other subjects. Simply, because it is better accessible in my actual mind. My aim is, however, that when the time passes by that my recollections will be filling-in some of these gaps.



    New plans, and what already has been achieved, my personal reflections on actual- historical - and/or hypothetical matters ...(AOB) :




Year 2010




Brief summary of what has been undertaken in the past year 2010:



Brief summary of what we have done in the year 2009


Year 2008



Year 2007


Year 2006



Year 2005


Year 2004


Year 2003




Year 2002


Year 2001


Year 2000





Year 1999


Year 1998


Year 1997


Year 1996


Year 1995


Year 1994



Year 1992


Chairman, Arthur O. Bauer



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