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General-Major Friedrich Theodor Wolf


Military Attaché


Argentina 1943 - 1944 (partially)

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Status: 15 April 2019


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                                                                                                                                                    KV 2/1489 Crown Copyright

Friedrich Theodor Wolf (photographed in Camp 020, on 28.5.45)

Born:  4 January 1893 zu Kirchberg, Land Braunschweig (Brunswick)



This contribution deals with a selection of aspects of

German Intelligence and/or espionage


The relevance of this webpage is, that there hardly can be found detailed information on this intriguing subject elsewhere.



Was it a decisive theatre?

Of course not, but so little is known about it that era, that I consider it worth dedicating time on this subject. 


Part I

KV 2/1487-General Wolf South America

This Part I runs up to KV 2/1489-1, to be continued in due course with: KV 2/1489-2



On 15 April 2019


The first logical step was to approach General-Major Wolf's resting file series.


But there wasn't too much to add.


After consideration, I decided to approach Johannes Siegfried Becker's files as Becker played a remarkable role in German espionage in Argentine (Argentina)


KV 2/89


Rather interesting materials, which on its own is worth a Survey; however, I have merged it with the existing document on General-Major Wolf. In some respect these circles acted partially complementary; not with- but against one another.


Another subject was implemented in this document and he was Utzinger, the was the person in charge with W/T matters outside the Embassy communications.


In Argentine there existed mainly two intelligence branches:

One, from the classic Military organisation, like was the regular Abwehr in Berlin; but in this case mainly guided by: Admiral Buerckner's Amtsgruppe/Ausland. Their used nomenclatures differed from that regular Abwehr/Ausland, which consisted of the sections I, II and III. Whereas AG/Ausland consisted of 5 sections; which might cause confusion.


The second group was a rather, non-diplomatic, establishment. It was controlled by the quite fearful Amt IV of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, in other words S.D. (SD) controlled. Albeit, during the course of the war, its organising bureau (apparently) became Amt VI, the more purely military side of it. But later in the war, say, after mid 1943 - Berlin tried to stress them to supply the so desperately needed war-economic information (Wi) only. Apparently they weren't able to fulfil these requirements.


However, within Wolf's file, the SD aspect was emphasised upon, whilst in KV 2/89 the SD aspects were not particularly discussed.


Becker, Juan (Johannes) Siegfried

and secondly




Apparently enjoying life


We do not have a photo of Gustav Utzinger.

He apparently was a graduated Dr. in Chemistry.



KV 2/1487 - KV 2/1490 and KV 2/89 on Friedrich Wolf - Johannes Siegfried Becker and Gustav Uzinger





By Arthur O. Bauer