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State of affairs on: 1 January 2015

State of affairs:

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Just a newspaper article (NRC-Handelsblad) on: how to search the web more effectively, pointed a very versatile tool: Ctrl+F (Cmd+F for Mac OS X)    This will open a search window in every program and allows you to search documents on, for example, keywords fully!


This website has been started (set-up) about mid November 2004. We could, however, by no means foresee that it would grow, in just over one and a half year, to more than 212 MB, incorporating: 911 folders and 3107 hyperlinks (the figure below is of mid June 2006)! (see please next)



We have in the meantime moved (31 May 2011) from the XS4ALL.NL server to

The reason is that we are about to cross the 1000 MB barrier and XS4ALL is then for only doubling the server space (2 GB) they are charging about 5 times the amount!

is offering us far better rate. We have since access to 10 GB, thus 10 times what we had for far less money!

The situation is currently (25 June 2011)

Visible is also that we have crossed the 10,000 hyperlink level


To give the visitors an inside view of its (huge) hyperlink structure, please click on:

Navigation hyperlink tree (pdf reconstruction, by means of 16 screen dumps)

Some visitors regard, searching (navigating) on our website being a bit complicated, but judging the enormous complexity of its structure, one has to bear in mind the following philosophy:

Regularly, the introduction page provides access to sub-pages, which cover a subject group. From a sub-page one can approach a specific topic. (see below)



The great variety (quantity) of matters dealt with, does not permit diversification directly at our introduction (index) page, but this has to be cleared first by determining between main topics. Type numbers and keywords wizard, is supposed to be a very versatile utensil to find an appropriate subject page. Google is, however, providing direct access to our specific subject pages as well.


On 26 December 2012


I looked into the today's state of affairs

Our website contains today: 4111 folders and other things; 2146 photos and various kinds of drawings and other means and 13183 internal and some external hyperlinks. Its total data content is: 1.244584 GB! (neglecting the content of the Kootwijk films, which actually have been stored in the content of our image website  Occupying about 0.5 GB additionally.

Please scroll up this page and view how our website have progressed since it was constituted about mid November 2004


On 24 May 2013

Our website incorporates 14058 hyperlinks!

This screen shot was taken in the afternoon of 24 May 2013 On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd


On 22 February 2014


On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd February I found it relevant to count what the actual status of our website is. Some can be found in the report section of my website design program, some not. I have therefore initiated a count. My method might be considered clumsy, but I asked a computer expert and he could not fully explain me how this should be accomplished.


Some facts are clearly visible, but some are not


My first concern is: how many separate webpage does have our website? For it I used the clumsy mean of WSFTP PRO. A nice program, but not particularly meant for measuring just this. I accomplished it by exhaustingly selecting all file having the extension htm (all the time keeping pressed the control key). The total pages making 643

During my tour through the many files I noticed that quite many 'adobe extensions" (pdf) were seen. Why not counting these as well? I did so and counted 1505 files having a total of 1,27816 GB data content

According to the above report our website consisting of 2761 jpg and gif illustrations, these together occupying: 238,472 MB (0.238472 GB).

All together we are using 4959 files with a cumulated data: 1.539622 GB

For your convenience we have implemented: 15167 hyperlinks

These figures may not entirely reflecting the tremendous efforts in making this website what it currently has become. It was once started with a 50 MB data limit in the Fall of 2004. No one could have predicted what it might be in early 2014.



On 1 January 2015

the current state of affairs on our website is:


We have incorporate currently: 16713 hyperlinks; our website contains > 700 different web pages; 3382 different photos - drawings and that like; and about 1700 PDF documents

I counted, all together, 26015 annual web page visitors

Since 10 November 2014, we have started with adding to all significant web-pages on our website - Google Statistics links; totalling now 456. It provides in some respect interesting information, like the fact that from, say, 10/11 November 2014 up to midnight 31 December 2014 - 20,311 web pages have been viewed. Also interesting, is the fact that quite some visitors stay between 10 to 30 minutes per website visit and beyond.

On the other hand, some statistic figures seemingly are not all up-to-date, as from other sources we know that, for instance, the 'Country' related visitor numbers do not correlate to the facts derived from other sources. It might be, that when the number of visitors increase, he statistic-program is 'weighting' the actual numbers less consequent; and there exist some other inconsistencies.

However, although not entirely perfect, Google Statistics can be a very versatile tool for getting knowledge on what is going-on on a website.   We also should be aware of, that in our case, the Google Statistics is a gratis service!

It is evident, that we have been quite active this year, although my heavy engagement in the "Fatal Communications during World War One" project, culminating in Phil's and my contribution during the DEHS AS14 Symposium held on 7 October at Shrivenham, took a heavy burden on both of us; in respect to - time- as well as working-load.

However, I must admit, that I am truly very grateful for the energy I still have, and consequently can contribute to our website and Foundation. 


Your Webmaster

Arthur O. Bauer


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