25 Jahre Telefunken

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25 Years Telefunken


In 1928 Telefunken commemorate that the company exists 25 years

Maybe not well known, Telefunken in those days was more like an engineering- than a real production company. Production was mainly commenced by one of the two 'owner companies' AEG or Siemens or the affiliated firm OSRAM.

Why making this rare book integrally accessible?

I am currently heavily engaged in preparing a dual presentation with my friend Phil Judkins, and I searched for some photos on communications during or just before the start of World War One.

Having this book in my hands, I decided that it is worth copying it. For it I first searched the web whether this has already been done previously. So far I could only trace some copied pages or sections.

Copying this beautiful book was demanding more attention than usually. One may often not being aware, but most book pages are not entirely bound appropriately, these often do tilt a bit; some do a mm but some more than 5 mm. Viewing these pages on your computer screen is showing this phenomenon like being magnified. What also may playing a role is the fact that scanners do tend in tilting as well. As the scanner sensor is moving whilst it stores data.