KV 2/3409



Zuehlsdorff (correct spelling)

PF 601755


This file concerns mainly the history of: Johannes (Hans) Rudolf Christian Zuehlsdorff

less frequent: Schneemann Martin Christian Johannes

Wilms actually hardly is found in this document; I therefore neglect his traces.


The best picture found on: Hans Zuehlsdorff (Zühlsdorff)


This document in progress, is the result of Erich Gimpel's and William Colepaugh's capture in the second half of December 1944

Gimpel & Colepaugh.mp4


Status: 1 September 2020


New findings: on Steffens whose real name was Walter Frischmuth (KV 2/1964)

he was Zuehlsdorff's contact-man at Nest (Ast) Bremen






By Arthur O. Bauer