BOA12 - MEK8 and MG15

Contribution based on Helmut Schicke's archive

Helmut Schicke is one of the exceptional people interested in professional telephone technologies. He became engaged in these systems shortly after WW II had come to an end.


Carrier Telephony apparatus type BOA12

This system was produced during the war at the Bell Mfg. Co in Antwerp Belgium. There are, however, also signs that Lorenz was engaged as well. After the war the BOA12 system was built by Mixt & Genest, which was, as we know, a subsidiary of the Lorenz Company (C. Lorenz later SEL). And, Lorenz was de facto owned by ITT and thus by Standard Electric.


BOA12 Frequency spectrum (Frequenzübersicht)

Channel A and B representing the communication directions.


BOA12 Carrier distribution for frequency changers (Umsetzung)


BOA12 Frequency conversion Final transmission stage (Endstelle Senderseite)


BOA12 voltage supply distribution and Carrier-Frequency distribution

Regard please also the: Steeg-Liste of 1958




MEK8, eight channel Carrier Telephony System made by AEG

According Mr Schicke is was the most deployed system, of which he gives that 10,000 systems had been made. Please consider also the photo shown in the DIOGANES Bunker installation

Recently I came across the next block schematic of the MEK system



A real feature of the MEK8 system was, that it possessed an automatic signal level control, which worked very well according Helmut Schlicke. The central unit is representing relay operation and here the LF signal output is directly being fed onto the transmitting section



Please consider Helmut Schicke's full report




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