Stegliste of 1958

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The Steeg company was the one responsible for selling off all surplus material on behalf of the West-German government. Their materials were generally marked by means of a circular white stamp.


You will find all sorts of surplus devices, also some American apparatus.

(For practical reasons I have skipped some photo pages, as these do not add to the aim of this subject)


Very interesting is, that even Enigma - Siemens Geheimschreiber and US coding machines M209 were on sale. The G-Schreiber apparatus might all have been bought by the Reichert Company in Austria on behalf of the French Navy (Thanks to: F1AAG Bernard, who sent me the correct name of the firm, AOB) . These latter telex machines (Fernschreiber) were modified as to upgrade their security level. See for instance photo number 64 - 67. Enigma coding rotors is shown in photo 81 and the machine in 56 and additionally at page 22 (previous to the  Fu30a Richtkreis, the last illustration before the plain text list). A wide range of apparatus is shown, many dealing with line communications, aircraft instruments, auto-pilots, switches, mounting frames, connectors of all sorts (Stecker) and so forth.

Please print the pages 24-35 first, and keep them at hand when watching the photos.

I have to apologise for the quite poor photo quality. It was Ebbe Peedersen who gave me this copy in the 1980s. He owned the original one, but decided to keep it. Anyway, we must be lucky that we have a copy which we can use.

Collectors or museum curators may still be able to recognise a device and compare the image with the according text.


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