Annalen der Physik und Chemie 1897 - 1899

Annalen der Physik 1900 - 1905

All indexes 1897 - 1905

Selection of significant papers, in progress, state of affairs: 3 April 2007

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I have made a selection of papers, which played an important role in science at the turn of the 19th into the 20th century. Some had been, though, selected owing to its curiosity.

From about the year 1900 onwards, very significants papers had been published in the Annalen der Physik. Most of Max Planck's and Albert Einstein's genuine thoughts still vibrate (echos) into our 21th century!

I choose to copy all index pages, as these give a good impression on what bothered scientifically in those days. (It proved however, that volume 18 (Band 18) of 1905 was, for what ever reason, not copied. This has to wait until the end of 2007)

Very intriguing are the papers of  W.C. Röntgen on X-rays, in Band 64 of 1898. Röntgen had, for instance, to investigate first the nature of X-rays. Were these 'magic rays' of electromagnetic nature? However, not subject of a paper copy, it is striking to see what discoveries were done. For instance, in a paper, was discussed "the heat phenomenon caused by X-rays". Also was noticed, that colour blind people saw colours when their eyes were exposed to X-rays! (Annalen der Physik Band 66, Dreizehntes Heft, chapter 18) Much damage must have been caused in the early days of X-rays and radioactive research!



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