High-Frequency Electrical Oscillator

invented by: James Sayers of Burmingham, England, assignor to English Electric Valve Company Limited, Chemsford, England a company of Great Britain

Application February 9, 1945 Serial No. 577,067

In Great Britain October 3, 1941

Granted in America on March 27, 1951



Strapping is invented by Mr J. Sayers, as to prevent mode jumping. Cavity magnetron tend to jump to frequencies near to its (designated) spot frequency. The downside is, that the efficiency of magnetron is deteriorating, but also the transmitted radar pulse may be off-set from the receiver spot-frequency. Thus, losing (or reducing) the tracking ability of a radar system.

My friend Tom Going, substituted the following information:

Dear All,

There are a number of Magnetron patents to be found......the Sayers one on strapping from Oct 1941 I have attached herewith.

the others, to Boot, Randall, Sayers, et al. are as follows:

GB 588185

GB 588917

US 2648028

GB 588916


In the meantime, Rod Burman sent me some photos of a test rig, of which the thinks taht it was used for cold-strapping-tuning


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