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Einheits-Fernseh-Empfänger E 1
By Rolf Wigand

Heft 8, August 1939

pages 320-321

Heft 6, June 1941

pages 262 - 268

(German language, pdf)

This “Volks-TV set” was introduced at the Berlin Radio Fair (Funkaustellung) of August 1939, just at the brink of World War Two. It, actually, never conceived mass-production.

According to this article, German industry focussed on a production volume of 10,000 sets, at a customer price of 650 RM (Reichsmarks). More or less, two or three times the price of a good quality broadcast receiver. Which expense may be regarded to be very competitive.

It was a joined design of: Fernseh AG; Radio AG. D. Loewe; C. Lorenz AG; TeKaDe and Telefunken.

Valves (tubes) used:
EF14, ES111, ECH11, EZ11, EF11, EBF11, RFG5. The Deflection power valve was used in both the "frame" and "line" stages.

Very revolutionary was, that it employed a rectangular cathode ray tube (CRT), which was in early TV days a very rare device. Most TV CRTs in post war years in both UK and the US still employed circular picture screens.

Consider also the 1941 circuit description.


Just after a particular webpage on the ES111 was created (23 February 2010), my friend Tom Going, being also a member of the IEHG (International Electronics History Group), brought to our attention the very nice German website on the TV set E1 of 1939. It shows many photos of this set, including the ones from what is inside this intriguing TV apparatus.

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