unter besonderer Berücksichtigung


deutschen Seekabeltelegraphie

In technischer, handelswirtschaftlicher, verkehrspolitischer und

strategischer Beziehung dargestellt


H. Thurn

Ober-Postpraktikant in Coblenz


Verlag von S. Hirzel


A very interesting summary of see cable laying

In particular the section of the joined German-Dutch cable between the isle of Borkum, in English literature also known as Emden and the isle of Yap in the Pacific. After this cable reached US territory, US telegraph lines were used up to the isle of Guam in the Pacific. From there the German-Dutch line went to Yap. Here the service did split. One section ran to Menado in the Dutch Indies, another section went northwards towards China and the German possession Tsingtau.



The route profiles of trajectory: Menado-Yap_Guam as well as Shanghai-Yap

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Die Seekabel unter besonderer Brücksichtigung der deutschen Seekabeltelegraphie

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