Secret Communications 3


held on

12 January 2020

Status: 15 January 2020


On Sunday 12 January, we counted 108 visitors between, say: 10.00 and 17.00;

the best figure we have counted during all our recent events.




Shortly after opening on 10 o'clock, the visitors arrived in greater numbers

This day we counted 108 visitors.



'Harm Geert' explaining various types of mobile "bug" searching gear, divided over 5 generations of developments



As usually, my wife Karin is in great hurry

Without her commitments, we would not have enjoyed the Secret Communications 3 events at all!



One of the highlights of this event were Raymond's "Pocket Telex" explanations

He himself had been, in the 1980s, involved with some of its software designs.



I recognise from left to right: Massimo's XYL, Herr Kienzle and just Marc's face



The young boy's father or grandfather is just, taking pictures, I suppose

I know only: that they belonged to the "Atlantik Wall Bunker Group" of The Hague; where also Piet Hogendoorn is engaged with.



I just asked the young boy - whether it isn't too much boring

They stayed quite long, and I expect that he must have been quite exhausted at the end of this very day.



We counted this day 4 representatives from the "Atlantik Wall Group" coming from The Hague



Nowadays it is always a guess whether someone takes pictures - or is using social-media



We don't know his name, but he visited us, at least, for the second time



Marc is explaining the "Ringstellung" of Enigma rotors

Not always well understood, is - that not only the "Stecker" in front of the German military Enigma machines, and/or the succession of rotor numbers, are determining the "Schlüssselstellung", but also the "Ringstellung" of the rotors.

Imagine - the rotors have a particular internal wiring, but the ring (related) alphabet, can also be moved (set) against the wiring, at will. It is also possible, to change the point where rotors force the next rotor  to jump (moving) a step further.



From left ot right: Rommert, their mutual friend, and Meindert

Rommert and Meindert are both known from our (HAM) Hellschreiber group.



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I only recognise Henk and Herr Kienzle in front on the far right-hand side



Nowadays an exception, that people take time for longer lasting conversations

This is just one of our aims; not presenting artefacts solely, but also providing a good environment (atmosphere) for unexpected discussions or conversations.



Marc is showing their Russian Fialka coding machine



Massimo and his wife



Raymond and  "Pocket Telex" derivates

(on the far right just visible Bernhard's head)




Rommert standing in front of our Ju 88 BZA1 "bombing computer" (Vorhalterechner); In the background Hans Goulooze our technical assistant



From Secret Communications 2 exhibition (2016 and early 2017), we knew that books can be attractive to (some) people

Hans Goulooze especially designed, and made, a beautiful wooden book-display



Maybe passing a different impression

On the far right-hand side we just see a (KM) Lo 6K39 receiver; one of our regular displays, which was considered to be too heavy (ca 60 kg) to be move into the depot.



Paul in discussion



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Where are they looking at - a bug?



Left Massimo's wife Donata, and on the right Marie, Didier's wife



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From left to right, from France: Didier and his wife Marie - From Italy Massimo (IZ 2 BHX) and his XYL Donata

Thanks to an Outlook search, I found an e-mail going back to 2016, where their proper names were provided.



My obligatory final photo, just taken before closure time; proving that all Enigma's have been moved outside the premises, to elsewhere



By Arthur O. Bauer