Secret Communications


Why do we endorse this event?


Our Foundation is committed to the history of technology covering, say, 1880 up to 1950, with special gravity on Germany 1920 - 1950. Our engagement, although, bridging a wide era, we are reaching a kind of saturation, where it might make sense to emphasise on some new aspects of technology. However, secret communications is a subject which in some way is dealt with, but viewing it globally - what we are doing is covering only a small niche. Wouldn’t it make sense to deal with “secret communications” in a broader sense and covering, in a non alphabetic order: Germany - Russia – the US - Britain as well as other countries over the period of roughly 1920 to 2000?

Two of our Foundation Board-Members do have a rather impressive collection in the field of Crypto Technology (

Their collection is not open to the public, with some exceptions. Why not converting our museum space and creating a combined exhibition? A plan came up that it must be possible to clear some room and facilitating an impressive exhibition. A good opportunity showing a wide range of artefacts, among some of ours, which hardly will be on display elsewhere.

Our first thought was to clear some tables, but during preparations, and considering their impressive website, the idea matured that we should bridge a broader field of techniques. Like implementing additionally 'secret voice communications’ and related techniques. But, also covering a range of rare 'Spy sets'. The expertise is not ours though has to be provided by the Crypto Museum.

A minor problem arose - that making a flyer covering a broad field of topics one has to make selections which in its nature will not satisfy everybody. Thus, what is shown on the flyer is only arbitrarily covering some land-marks. In every collection - what is available is mainly due to matters of fortune, call it luck. Some techniques being, for what ever reasons, simply not obtainable, others unexpectedly can be shown to the public; some devices even for the first time ever!

Creating a unique collection is demanding full dedication over a longer period of time. What is done vastly is often lacking deepness, and is not combined with thoroughness.

For some period of life a lot of restless travelling has to be accepted. Otherwise, acquaintance with the fields covered will never mature. Finding an artefact is one side of the coin, but also deducing what is technically- and historically relevant is another point. It proves time and again - that auxiliary gear is harder to gain than is a rare apparatus. What at the end becomes a collection is thus the result of a great deal of luck, and, of course, persistency.

We have decided to give access to the public on the Saturdays: 16 23 and 30 November. You may ask, why giving admission only on these three Saturdays? The reason is rather practical – Paul and Marc, the driving powers of the, are standing in the competition of life fully. Both being engaged to their own ‘high tech’ business; nowadays a heavy burden. It is hardly bearable being loaded an entire month without any break! What has been decided, nevertheless, is that on demand and with sufficient interest an additional day to the public will be settled, which date is not yet agreed upon. After the month of November a lot is “WP”.

However, the opening of this special event will, Deo volente, take place on 9 November, during the annual Hell-Group meeting.

The November month has been chosen for practical reasons, most have returned from their summer and/or autumn holidays and skiing is not yet possible. November often has reasonable weather conditions.  Therefore, why not commencing it then?

Arthur O. Bauer



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