A brief impression of the passed

30 November 2013 event


Again, Peter van Kats was so kind sending us his photo impressions


This day we counted between 95 and 100 visitors.



Marc is explaining aspects of crypto telephony



Paul is explaining how the Russian Fyalka machine works, which may be regarded a Russian improved Enigma version

On the right we meet Gerrit Jan Huijsman PA 0 GJH



Paul in discussion and explaining the beautifully build Crypto A.G. TC 52 machine used for confidential telex communications. Like in the Swiss but also in Scandinavian countries


Paul is explaining the famous Glasio station FS-5000. On the left a separate FS-5000 receiver module, which is tuned at about 7.000 MHz listening in some CW QSOs

From left to the right: ON9BOG - Paul - ? - Ton Buitenhuis - Bernard Terlingen and Dick Zijlmans


Finally, Ton Buitenhuis - Paul - ? - Kees-Jan Keessen - Bernard Terlinegen

Everybody took his time for enjoying the gathering. Some stayed for most of the day.