Begleitbuch für den Schlüssel M

Serial number 15835

4 rotor Naval Enigma

Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine 1943

(Nur für den Dienstgebrauch)

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What you get to see is, the booklet that was always kept with Naval Enigma No. 15835

Two machines (15835 and 15836) were sent from Marineoberkommando in Norwegen (M.O.K.) (Oslo) (= Naval Head Quarters in Norway) to: Marine Oberkommando - Ost, Druckschriftverwaltung (Dv.) in Kiel, Germany

It is also visible, that this machine originally came from Dresden and that it was, on 10 May 1944, handed-out to submarine U 1057 (5 Uflotille)


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It is also visible, that a copy was also sent to OKM Berlin department: Marine-Zentraldruckschriftverwaltung. It is highly doubtful that this copy reached Berlin, as it was already surrounded by strong Russian forces.

Two Schlüssel M4s (4 rotor Naval Enigmas) originating from U 1057 were sent for repair (reperatur bedürtigen), to the German Naval services in Kiel (M.O.K. - Ost).



It is clear, that receipt 4665 refers to the previous letter (g.Kdos. 626 of 20 April 1945)

M.O.K. Norwegen, Druckschrifverwaltung, Oslo 21.4.1945, Empfangsschein Nr. 4665 (small text says: sofort offen zurück (meant is - that after arrival in Kiel, this receipt should be returned to M.O.K. Norway, by means of regular mail service, as to prove that all went correctly)*

It is also visible, that these two machines (2 Schl. M.)have never reached Kiel.

I obtained these documents in 1977, in Denmark. This was probably also the country where transport stuck; in these chaotic times, a few weeks before Germany surrendered unconditionally

*Very down we can see, that this receipt was printed in: January 1945



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