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I have today also added some additional information on Mr. Figl.

1 Systeme des Chiffrierens, von A. Figl

2 Chieffrieren mit Geräten und Maschienen, Türkel 




Systeme des Chiffrierens, von A. Figl, issued in 1926

A most rare book

Mr. Figl was during the First World War engaged in Austrian cryptology


Systeme des Chiffrierens von A. Figl, issued in 1926

The according: Figl's Beilagen (attachments) (PDF)

AOB: The  'Beilagen' (attachments) caused me considerable difficulties; as they differ each from one another in lengths, and more annoying - quite many exceeding widely the regular A4 page-length. Consequently, I had to combine each one accordingly together, which was a time consuming endeavour. Luckily, I posses some experience.  Another consideration was, how should we reproduce them? I decided, after all, to convert it into PDF, as this format allows us to selected a mode - which allows us 'printing what you see' on your screen. Otherwise printing might be blocked by the message that the paper size isn't matching.


But apparently Andreas Figl was hampered by the circumstances of his days, and did not extend this publication.



In quite recent times, Figl's personality, and his wider reaching impact, after all, was not yet forgotten:


First page the periodical:

Cryptologia 31:164-178, 2007

The Scheuble Apparatus

Herbert Paulis


During World War I, on the front between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy ...


Secondly: two books


Andreas Figl


der Östreichischen Enträtselungskunst

und kryptographischen Wissenschaft

Hofrat i.R. und Oberst a.D.

Leben und Werk

1873 - 1967


Otto J. Horak

ISBN 3-85487-779-X




Was übrig blieb

Kommentare und Dokumente


Andreas Figl

Leben und Werk

1873 - 1967

by Otto J. Horak

ISBN:  3-85487-790-0






Chieffrieren mit Geräten und Maschienen, Türkel      

Eine Einführung in die Kryptographie, von  Dozent Dr. Siegfried Türkel (Tuerkel);   Wissenschaft. Leiter des Krimininalistischen Institutes der Polizei-Direktion Wien, Graz 1927    Verlag von Ulr. Mosers Buchhandlung (J. Meyerhoff)


Türkel's (Tuerkel's) book: Chieffrieren mit Geräten und Maschienen  Türkel    (Tuerkel)

The according:   Beilagen A-Q     Tuerkel's Attachments A-Q





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