KV 2/267

Fregatten-Kapitän Dr. Erich Pheiffer


Status: 6 May 2019


One of the most complete and interesting file series.

Which is, originally, consisting of 307 (PDF) pages. What makes this file version so extensive, is, that my 126 pages version is a mixture of file sections combined with my transcripts, with additional comments; always distinguishable as: (AOB, my comments)



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Dr. Erich Pheiffer

Photo, likely, taken at Camp 020, in 1945.

Freg.-Kapt. Pheiffer started his intelligence career in 1933, and ended it as "Leiter KONO" (K.O.N.O.), about the end of August 1944, in Turkey.


His story is of interest also, because it is directly connected onto KV 2/266 (Obst Rudolph the Alst Leiter of Paris)

and even more linked onto Joseph Ledebur's case KV 2/159

Both latter files: KV 2/266 and KV 2/159


My file sections on Pheiffer, has become rather extensive, and is consisting of 126 pages.


KV 2/267 Dr. Erich Pheiffer

AOB: short notice; please read in all cases for FAK or FAT: Frontaufklärungskommando instead of Frontabwehrkommando as well as: Frontaufklärungstrupp instead of FrontAbwehrtrupp.


When you have considered both case series, you will also come to the conclusion - that both series are intriguingly inter linked together. Albeit, that Pheiffer's case is being far better documented, as is also the wide series of RSS (Radio Secret Service) decrypts being attached; covering the entire wartime period of his career.

What is making it so intriguing, is, that you first have read the various commitments and then finally seeing it reflected in the, according, w

ireless W/T communications.



By Arthur O. Bauer