Some historical aspects of HF Band Radars

by Hans Jucker


During my working on aspects of Klein-Heidelberg, which constituted world's first Bi-Static radar, I discussed recent findings with Hans Jucker of Switzerland. He soon send me his contribution which is, among other things, based on Dipl.-Ing. (Dr.) Stepp's dissertation of 1946 at the T.H. Darmstadt (Technical University) of 1946. I regard his paper being worth to be made available on the web.


Keywords: Over the horizon radar; OHT; Reichspost-Zentralamt (RPZ) Heidelberg Versuche; W. Dieminger's paper for the Physical Society (B64/142, 1951); MTI; Doppler radar processing; Experiments with HF radars began in the United States at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) early 1950's; The NRL could take advantage from the exploitation of the German (wartime) experiments ... ; Capabilities of The NRL trials in the early 1960s indicated the following performance characteristics ...; Applications ... Air Traffic Control ...

Since early April 2010 we have added a special webpage on Klein-Heidelberg technology, in which the schematics of the receiver and displays is dealt with. K-H Bistatics


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