Open day

held on

6th May 2023


Page initiated 10/11 May 2023

Current status 14 May 2023


Photos taken by Paul Reuvers


my wife Karin


The first photo series, have been made and provided by Paul Reuvers.


Paul Reuvers, is also a dedicated Foundation Board Member (colleague of mine)



From left to the right: a tiny bit of my face - Marc - unknown visitor - the next one at the table corner also unknown and on the far right-hand side Peter Eijlander



Marc Simons on the far left-hand side



Both men unknown to me

They are viewing my: Rariteiten Kabinet (Rarity Cabinet)

Showing small devices which I have collected over the last half century



Trevor is turning his back towards us; facing is Anton Kroes;  Job Vermeulen and on the far right-hand side Hans Goulooze, my good friend and assisting volunteer in our Museum



Viewing the discussion more in detail



On the left-hand Henk van Zwan, the chairman of the Dutch SRS Society



I only recognise from left to right: Hans Goulooze in discussion with me; an unknown visitor* and at the far right-hand side Peter Eijlander

* According Anton Kroes: Ton van 't Hoff PA 0 ANH



On the left-hand side:  Marc Simons also a dedicated Foundation Board Member and on the right-hand side Antoon Steenbakkers

Both considering our Askania Kinotheodolit.



Only Derk Rouwhorst in the centre is known, and he also is a dedicated Foundation Board Member of us



My wife Karin in conversation with our friend Nissim, whom was so kind to serve as a door guide about until noon; as to let visitors, in some way or another, register themselves. Our aim hereby is not to know someone's name in the first place - but counting the number of visitors and getting an idea where they came from.

On the right-hand side the atomic controlled Rb-Frequency standard which is constituting the frequency reference of the Nachfee system.



In the centre Hans Goulooze, of course (on the left-hand side: According Anton Kroes Gijs Dirkzwager PA 0 DIG)



In the centre Peter Eijlander



Paul Huneker the editor of the NVHR pariodical - myself and again Henk van Zwam with his camera rig



Paul Huneker is looking at our dismantled Fug 102 altitude radar receiver module; designed by FFO - but once manufactured by the Dutch Philips



The concept of the receiver (180 MHz) is of an exceptional neat and quite revolutionary construction



Both friends of us: on the left-hand side Phil Judkins (Wakefield Yorkshire) and on the right Helmut Klausing of Bavaria



A highlight certainly was the Enigma type G, particularly maintained for operational Abwehr communication

This type is very rare, and was only brought-in today.

From left to right: Marc, Meindert, Robert, unknown, and Peter



The Enigma type G was exceptional, as it did not provide a so called "Steckerbrett", but rotors only

I suppose that the box in front is a power supply.



Without comments



No comments either



 Dick Zijlmans on the left in discussion Hans Goulooze; viewed from the kitchen entrance



Hans Goulooze our highly regarded technical assistant



From left to right: Henk van Zwam; me; viewed at his back a "disabled blind" visitor* and right of him his female partner*

It is interesting to notice how he converts what his fingers do touch and the resulting impressions.

* According Anton Kroes: Onze blind voorzitter Veron Amstelveen Andor Demateau PA 9 D; and on the far left-hand side Deborah vd Werff PF 9DC



My wife Karin, registering new visitors



Herr Ulf Koschmieder from Germany discussing background information about the Kreuzeck radar receiver



Ongoing discussions, from left to right: Marc; Meindert; Robert; Rommert and Peter



In discussion with Helmut Klausing



Ulf and his German friend, myself and Robert


The next series have been made by my wife Karin



Dick Zijlmans, our indispensable catering Chef (Dick is also a valuable advisor)

Dick is already straight from the beginning of our museum in 2008 a key figure.



Marc, Hans, Peter Eijlander and someone whom I do not remember having seen him before 



Me,  unknown to me*, Trevor of the Crash Museum and on the far right-hand side just visible Henk van Zwam the SRS Chairman

In the background the 100 WS

*According Anton Kroes Gijs Dirkzwager PA 0 DIG



Henk van Zwam's wife Mariken,  Paul Hunneker the main editor of the NVHR serious periodical



My very good friend Phil Judkins



Only Marc I know personally



The person in the centre I do not know; left of this person, Henk and his wife Mariken



By Arthur O. Bauer