Status: 28 December 2020



Nachtfee, my exceptional Survey.mp4


Quite recently, I have contributed a German language paper named:

"Nachtfee eine (meine) große Entdeckungsreise".


Though, in my perception, the down-side of a paper always is the limitation of the numbers of pages which always should be taken into consideration.

I therefore have extended its concept in a .mp4 format, in which I explain quite complex matters aurally - this occasion includes also "the implementation and integration of a state of the art Rubidium standard";

by which means it became possible to proof that - when such an accurate time-base technology once had existed - Nachtfee could have performed, technically, quite reliably.

But, not before, say, the 1990s - 2000 "miniaturised atomic standards" were commercially purchasable.

These modern units are designed to operate continuously - for a decade in communication systems.


"Nachtfee had been developed as to prevent for enemy jamming"; this at least is what the Brittan's were considering.

However, I strongly doubt that this facet was its real nucleus: preventing and/or countering enemy jamming.

In my perception, far more realistic - was the necessity of keeping a 'guiding means' secret to their enemy; and when detected by no means could pass on actual information.


Because, we may consider that Nachtfee might have been initiated, at least its nucleus, since somewhere in 1942, at a time when enemy jamming was not yet of essential relevance.

Secondly, its "inventor" most likely was Dipl.-ing. T. von Hautville, once engaged at the GAF research site at Rechlin (E-4).

He was the real inventor of - what became known as - "Y" technology; where transmitted "signal-phase measurements" were maintained as a navigational aid".   Be it during the battle of the beams over England (1940/41), or later as Y-Kampf (1942-45), all relying upon measuring of 'their own signal transmissions causing phase differences' (technically considering the: "phase domains"); but not concerning a kind of  "hyperbolic navigation"; where their own platform does not transmit at all, but is utilising phase-differences caused by "master and slave" transmissions versus their own location.    




For those interested in more detailed information on Nachtfee, please consider my comprehensive many contributions, partly shown on the print/screen below.

You will find rather many implemented YouTube films as well. 


Actually, combining some of the various subjects shown on this screen-dump, allows you to confront yourself with the entire Nachtfee complex, at will.


By Arthur O. Bauer