William Joyce


"Lord Haw-Haw"


PF 44469


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KV 2/245-1, page 3

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KV 2/245  (Volume 4)

Joyce William

During the war days, in England, known as: "Lord Haw-Haw"


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William Joyce

(2)    (9 July 2022)


AOB: in my perception it does make sense that you become acquainted with what 'played' in their daily life.

I, therefore, advice you to read the entire sheets as to get an understanding of what mattered essentially; as we encounter a totally different environment than painted in most post-war days since.




KV 2/245-1-p5

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A general impression of a minute sheet

What do we learn from it?

First: the series being mixed up, likely in post-war days; as it starts with minute 270, whereas it should start with minute 1 instead.

This sheets mainly concerning censorship matters of various correspondences.

We learn that communication from Germany towards the UK was possible, likely via neutral countries.

We also learn, also from quite many other files, that most had been destroyed in post-war days under authorisation by: GEW/R8


KV 2/245-1-page 6

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13.7.42    Press cutting from the "Daily Sketch" re "Dusk over England"                                                                                                                              (281a)

29.9.42   Minute asking for Twilight Over England (AOB: it had been published in German language: Dämmerung über England, 1941)                       (282a)

AOB, reading the minute sheet it is evident that his broadcastings from Germany directed to England had been regarded in England, not only by the authorities but also by the general public.

AOB notes: S.B. and S.L.B. (executive section of?) = Special Branch a secret section of Scotland Yard in Whitehall. (AOB, the police service related section to M.I.5)

KV 2/245-1, page 7

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My aim is to show that Joyce's existence mattered in wartime England


minute 293



            You will see from my letter at (minute) 289a and the police reply at 290a that Mrs. R. White the mother of Mrs William Joyce received a letter from Miss B. Bager in Sweden pinpointing to give information about Mrs. Joyce  (Margret Cairns; KV 2/253), who is now with her husband in Germany and is in fact broadcasting for the Germens.  Mrs. White has brought to the attention of the police a passage in the "Sunday Despatch" from which it appears that Hitler has been buying roses for a young Swedish woman called Brita Barger.  Whether Hitler's girl friend and Mrs. White's correspondent are identical I do not know, but I pass the information to you for what it is worth.

F3 = S.B.L. 3     of which Mr. T.M. Shelford once was connected.


KV 2/245-1, page 8

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Quoting from Minute 300        (AOB, fantasies weren't restricted)


                I do not suppose that either William Joyce or his wife will return from Germany before the end of the war but they may do so then; alternatively may seek to escape from Allied justice by fleeing from Germany to some other part of the world and through British or British controlled territory on the way.  It would seem prudent to have their names on the Black List in case this should happen, and I suppose the Black List will not come to an end with the cessation of hostilities. I am sending you Mrs. W. Joyce's file (PF 66003) at the same time for similar action.

F3 (S.B.L 3)   18.9.43                        Sgd. T.M. Shelford.


H.O. = Home Office


KV 2/245-1, page 10

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        William Joyce's name was included in a list sent to the Foreign Office of names of British subjects now in enemy-occupied territory whose return we desire as terms of the Armistice.

F.3     5.2.33

        F.3.   (Mr. Shelford).

(1)    301a which appears from internal evidence to be from Haw-Haw Joyce, seems inexplicable if Joyce was born in Ireland.  He was hoping to get a Regular Army commission, and he mentions - against his own interest -  that he was born in America, of British parents, but left America when he was two years old. If untrue, why on earth should he say this? (I notice the covering letter says this document is only one of several papers about Joyce in the archives of the O.T.C. London University. (AOB: consequently he must have possessed an A-Level (Abitur)).  Should we not obtain all of them? And also - for identification purposes - the original of Joyce's letter?)

(2)    His statement in his Passport Application that he was "Born Galway 24.11.06"may possibly be a lie.

(3)    At (minute) 241c B.6 (likely a section in M.I.5) says that a copy of Joyce Birth certificate (if he was born in Galway) can be obtained for 5/1 (a British value of currency) from the Registrar-General, Customs House Dublin.  So far as I can see, no attempt has been made to follow up this suggestion.

(4)    In his book "Twilight over England (Dämmerung über England) Joyce says he was born in New York in 1906 (? 24th November).  Should not the American equivalent of Somerset House be searched to test this?

(5)    I understand, however, that even if he was in fact born in New York, he will be none the less a British Subject by birth, if (a) his parents were British and (b) his birth was registered with the British Consul.

(6)    If he is in fact only an American citizen and he became a Naturalized German before the outbreak of war between U.S.A. and Germany, he is not, presumably a traitor?

F.3.a.     7.3.44


Sgd. T.M. Shelford


KV 2/245-1-p12

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        Secretariat. (Mr. Burley)

                    I called to see Lt.-Col. G.C. Lowry at the Imperial College of Science and Technology this morning, and received from him the papers attached to the outside of this file, namely, a letter from William Joyce dated 9.8.22 , a Form of Contract for enrolment in the University of London O.T.C. dated 21.10.22, Form of Contract for Re-engagement dated 6.10.25 and another of the same dated 22.7.24. From these you will see that Joyce gives his place and date of birth as New York 24.4.1906.

                    As these are original documents for which I had to give a signed receipt, Col. Lowry would normally wish to have them returned to him, but if they are of real importance in building up the case against Joyce I could probably persuade him to let us retain them in return for, say, photostat copies for his files. Perhaps you will let me know about this in due course.

Room 055 (War Room outside M.I.5)  14.3.44                                        Sgd.  D.C. Orr


KV 2/245-1, page 13    (minute 323)

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Minute 323


                    With ref. to the letter at 321c from the British Security Coordination, New York, the following information may help them to search of their records:

                    William Joyce is the son of Michael Joyce and Gertrude Emily Joyce nee Brooke, born about 1860 and 1978 respectively.  They are said to have gone to America shortly after 1903 where the husband obtained employment with an American building firm, returning to Ireland about 1910.

                    F.3.     13.5.44                                                        Sgd. T.M. Shelford.


KV 2/245-1-p14a    (minute 331)

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            19.6.44        19.6.44        From U.S.A. re record of William Joyce's birth.


KV 2/245-1, page 15a   (minute 339)


                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

            S.L.B.  (through S.L.A.).

                    Please see 338a which summarises all the information we are likely to get about William Joyce's birth, and from which you will be able, I think, to decide as to his nationality to prosecution as a traitor in England or U.S.A.   There can, I suggest, be no question that the man was born in U.S.A. of British parents.

            F.3a.    9.8.44   S.L.B.1.   Note, re Joyce

            F.3.a. (Mr. Wakefield).

                    I agree that there is no doubt to my way of thinking that Joyce is of British nationality.  Attached to a loose minute (ref. S.F. 66/UK/25(22) to Shelford on 1st june last, I sent a copy of the most recent opinion written by the Attorney-General and Mr. L.A. Byrne (we have encountered the latter before), in the final sentence of which it is stated that under the general law of treason any purported change of nationality on Joyce part would be disregarded. (poor chaps, they will be forced learn, in post-war days, that the their highest Court decided ultimately differently!)   There is no evidence that Joyce acquired German nationality before the war, and so far as I can see there is no evidence that he was acquired it since his sojourn (stay) in Germany. On the whole, therefore, I really think there is any need of anxiety in connection with this with this aspect of the case.

S.L.B.1     16.8.44                Sgd. D.H. Sinclair.


KV 2/245-1, page 17a   (minute 350)

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright


                    F.1. (Mr. Wakefield)   (through B.1.H. (Mr. Liddell) (M.I.5.)

                    I should reply

                    (1)    that we regard it as established that William Joyce @ Haw-Haw was born in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

 on the 2nd May 1905;

                    (2)    that we believe that William Joyce left the U.S.A. with his parents about 1910, when he was aged about four years;

                    (3)    that so far as we are aware he has never returned there;

                    (4)    that on this state of the facts we are advised that William Joyce is a natural-born British subject; we are not aware, and Lynch would perhaps say, whether he could put forward any claim to United States Citizenship:

                    (5)    that we are advised that if, as is sometimes stated, William Joyce has purported to acquire German nationality since the outbreak of the war (indeed he possessed German Citizenship from mid 1939 onwards), such purported acquisition of German nationality would not in English law to exempt him from any obligation or criminal responsibility which would otherwise have attached him by virtue of his character as a British subject. (Sorry for all of them, in post war days the highest Justice Authority decided that indeed he could only be legally charged up to mid December 1939!)

                    I do not think that any question arises as to whether or not Joyce is or ever had been an Irish national, but Mr. Liddell will perhaps say.  I think I am right in saying that the possibility can for practical purposes be disregarded except in cases where the man in question (William Joyce)  has received an Irish passport or been otherwise formally recognised by the Free State Government (Ireland).  In the absence of any indication that this is the case with Joyce, I do not think we need say anything about it to the Americans.

S.L.A.   16.10.44                Sgd J.L.S. Hale? 


KV 2/245-1, page 20    (minute 356a)

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

                                                                                                                                Director of Public Prosecutions,

                                                                                                                                                Devonshire House (East Entrance),

                                                                                                                                            Mayfair Place,  Piccadilly,

                                                                                                            London, W.1




        Your References:-

            S.F. 66/UK/25(22)S.L.B.1                                                                                                                                                                            23rd   November 1944.

   now  S.F.91/91/1/24(1)S.L.B.1.

                                Dear Hinchley Cooke,

Re:    William Joyce.

                                        I think I ought to place on record the result of our recent interview following your letters of October 23rd and November 7th about this man.

                                        Although, there is enough evidence already in our possession to make this man amendable to be charged of treason, I would be obliged if you would continue to collect information against him.  In particular, I should like to have some scripts or recordings of his earlier broadcasts which were more virulent and treasonable than his more recent series of "Views on the News"; also evidence of payments to him by the enemy.

                                        It seems likely that his "Views on the News" broadcasts are likely to become less provocative as we get further into Germany, but the B.B.C. can probably advise as to this and, should he shew signs of becoming really virulent again, it might be worth while to take one or two further recordings.

                    Yours sincerely,

                Sgd. Theobald Mathew.


Colonel W.E. Hinchley Cooke, OBE,  TD.,

Box 500,

Parliament Street,  B.O.



KV 2/245-1, page 25   (minute 351b)

                                                                                                                                                         Crown Copyright

                    Extract from PF 66648    Serial 85a                                                                                                            Date 18.10.44                                       

                For PF 44469   -   Joyce.

                    Summary of Papers connected with Deutsche Europasender (DES)   found in Luxemburg.


                Para 4.        At the time of the evacuation to Luxemburg (summer 1943)  Dietze remained in Berlin, as did William Joyce, who clearly holds an important position in the organisation. A translation of what appears to be the carbon copy of a circular relating to this reads:

                ... The chief commentator, Mr. Joyce, will for the time being remain in Berlin because of his work with Concordia. Mrs. Joyce must ne entirely transferred to us from Concordia to help him because otherwise he would have no secretarial assistance.

                Para 7(i).    Joyce, identical with the notorious Lord Haw-Haw, is listed in one place as being of German nationality (AOB, indeed, entirely correct), this being the first time we have received any indication that he has become naturalized.    It is worth also perhaps observing that he has always referred to as Joyce and never Froelich, the name he is alleged by American journalists to have taken.  His activities are not confined to speaking on the radio, for we have evidence of a letter from DES at Luxemburg to Dr. Schroeder of the Information Section of the Greater German Broadcasting Company (RRG?) dated 8.11.43 of which the first paragraph reads as follows in translation:-

                    "Since the English Editorial Section broadcasts every Saturday the weekly military commentary produced by Joyce, no use can be made here of the weekly commentary of the Information Division". 


AOB: for me unexpected, albeit, this is the second time that I restudy William Joyce's file series again; and I was attracted to Mr. Maton's story (statements given after Mr. Maton did arrive in England again).

It all starts as so often, but his history during being a P.o.W. on behalf of the Germans - he became involved with the DES (Deutsche Europa Service) I would not wonder that the Germans actually designated it:

DED Deutscher Europa Dienst or at least like this. But, he also became in some way a member of the German controlled: British Free Corps.

PF 308155 = KV 2/264


KV 2/245-1, page 27

                                                                                                                                                         Crown Copyright

                    Statement of Francis Paul Maton, Corporal, 50th Middle East Commando 1437735 :-

                                        Who saith :-

                                        My home address is 67 Swanswell Street, Coventry. I lived there with my parents until I joined the Army on November 3rd, 1938.  I first joined the Territorial Army.

                                        Shortly before the war I was called up on general Mobilisation and I was posted to 399 Battery, 54th Regiment of Royal Artillery. I served with this Battery till March 1940 when I transferred to 151 heavy A.A. Battery for the purpose of going to Norway.  I went to Norway having volunteered from whence we were evacuated in June 1940. After this we were in Scotland for a short time, some four weeks, and after 48 hours leave I went abroad to North Africa. We were stationed in Port Said and from there I made two convoy runs down the desert.  from Port Said we joined the invasion forces for Crete, landing on Crete on November 1st, 1940. I served with the Battery on Crete until January 1941.

                                        I was then transferred to the Commando. I was trained for the Commando in Geniefa, North Africa. This was the depot Commando. From the Depot I was posted to the 52nd Commando who were then operating in Abyssinia. When the 52nd Commando returned to the Depot I was posted to the 50th Commando. With this unit I took part in the raids on Castello del Risa and Ambardia.  The next raid was to be on Crete.  Unfortunately the weather was too rough to land and so we were returned to Alexandria where the unit volunteered to return to Crete to fight the rearguard action.  After being engaged in the rearguard action I was wounded and captured by the Germans to Salonica, and after staying in Salonica for two months I was transferred to Germany.

                                        I was registered as a prisoner of war at Stalag IVB. My wounds had by this time partly healed so I was sent out to work.  After collapsing at the work, lifting railway lines, I was eventually taken to a hospital where I stayed for two weeks.  My condition was rapidly growing worse and the wound in my right leg became gangrenous (rotting).  At the same time I was rapidly losing weight and so was sent to specialist for an X-ray of the lungs.  from this hospital I was transferred to a sanitorium (sanatorium) at Koeningswarther in November 1941.  When I arrived there I went before a Swiss Commission for repatriation but could not be passed owing to the fact that they had no records on my case.  During the time I was in Koeningswarther I made a firm friend of 2nd Lieut. MacFarlane of the Black Watch who had been an Intelligence Officer of his Regiment in France and who spoke perfect German. and he also gave me French money, escape maps and a compass.  I was discharged from the Sanitorium in October 1941 (AOB, there must exist a contra-diction in terms)

AOB, let us jump now to:

KV 2/245-1, page 36a and 37a

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                All these people who I have mentioned as broadcasting for Germany I have actually seen with my own eyes, and while the most of them have quite magnetic personalities, I think the most outstanding person of them all is surely William Joyce. Joyce is a man who many have tried to describe, and by reason of the fact that he is both universally known and hated over here, they have been inclined I am afraid to let their pens run away with them, and I don't think that anyone has given an honest description of Joyce.  William Joyce is a man who, as we well know, has many faults, but Joyce is an idealist and it is quite possible that as an idealist he is second only to Hitler himself.  He is rather moody and at times is nervous.  He also beats his wife, who is rather a fast woman, and has had affairs in Berlin with a large number of men.  Joyce surprised me by yje amount of courage he showed during some of the worst raids, and while most of us were shivering down in air raid shelters Joyce stood alone on the top of the Reichssportfeld making a recording of the raid. No doubt most people will have noticed that during five years of war Joyce sarcasm has somewhat toned down, but I personally feel that this is not due to any fear on his part but due to the fact that I am told that in the early days of his career all his manuscripts were written for him, and were just plain propaganda, cleverly interwoven with hate against our own country.  However, now Joyce has risen into  the position where he is king pin of the whole show and I don't believe that he ever uses manuscripts now.  I have myself seen him sit down in front of the radio, listen to the B.B.C. news, walk straight over to a microphone and broadcast his well known 'Views on the News'. Such man is William Joyce then.


KV 2/245-1, page 38c (the story terminates; just shortly of the 4th of September 1944)  

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

                                        I was then told that Courlander had disappeared in the night, apparently with the idea of indulging in the street fighting which occurred. I have never seen him since, and take it that he was either killed, wounded or captured by the Germans, or failing that, that his nerve failed him at the last moment and he could not carry out the plans which we had made. On the morning of 4th September I was taken across the town by a Belgian and reported myself to a Major of the Guards, who promptly ordered a driver to take me to Corps Headquarters, about 10 km outside the town.  While I was being questioned by a Captain, someone looked into my pack which I left in the car, and and took out a writing case and a pistol which I have never recovered. In the writing case was were photographs of most of the people whom I have mention in the report A Duplicate set of these photographs I have left in Berlin with Miss Frittzsching. The name of the man who took me across Brussels and whose house I stopped at during the night of 3rd/4th September, was Joseph Depireur, 455 Avenue Louise, Brussels. From Corps Headquarters I was sent to Field Security Police, who interrogated me and sent me with a bunch of R.A.F. men to Armentiers, where we caught a plane to England.

AOB:  Please be aware that we follow generally the succession of the genuine KV 2/245 file series, albeit, that I might leave-out some; as it is necessary to keep the story running in essence.

KV 2/245-1, page 40a    (AOB: I suppose a transcript made by the B.B.C. monitoring Service of German Broadcast transmissions)

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

      German European Service  in English    13.30    28.8.44

      Views on the news, by William Joyce.

My Decision to Join the Nazis.

                                        Five years ago today, I arrived in Berlin having, on the previous day, left London and severed association which, in their general pattern, had made up most of my life.  I feel, therefore, that I am entitled tonight to strike a personal note which would be out of place in the normal commentary. Those who have never England as I was taught to feel, those who have never suffered for England as I was made to suffer during long years, will not know or understand what that decision meant.  In the lives of most people there remain, fixed upon the memory, certain indelible pictures, few in number but so clear that nothing can erase them, and one of these rare but life-long visions is that of the least few moments in which I beheld the land to which I had devoted myself until I saw that it had, in essence, become a colony of the Palestine.  With my wife, whom I came to know and married in the struggle to save England from the fate which befell her in September 1939, I stood on the upper deck of the mail packet from Dover to Ostend on Saturday, 26th August, five years ago.  It was one of those beautiful late summer days on which the sun, to have full meaning, must pierce the mists hanging over the azure sea.   We kept our eyes fixed upon Dover cliffs until the haze drew over them that impenetrable veil which, for us, was the end of an old life and the beginning of a new.  When we could see no more the land which we had loved and tried to serve, I said to my wife, curtly enough, "Let's go to lunch", and so we did.

AOB:  We have to accept that Britain Authorities bothered time and again on the legal status to prosecute William Joyce after the war.

KV 2/245-1, page 60    (minute 330a)

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                                11th June, 1944


                    My dear Director,

                                        I beg to refer to your letter of 22nd May in which you were good enough to enclose a copy of an opinion by the Attorney-General and Mr. Byrne on the question of the application  of the Treachery Act, 1940, to propaganda broadcasts by Joyce and others.

                                        Since this opinion was written my attention has been drawn to a number of broadcasts made by Joyce on "D" Day and the day thereafter.  These broadcasts have, of course, not been recorded in the usual way.  The B.B.C. Monitoring reports are, however, available and I enclose these so that you may see the sort of thing that Joyce is saying at the moment.  The relative broadcasts are "flagged" in pink.

                                        In view of the nature of these broadcasts I am wondering whether you would think it worthwhile having a proper recording made in the immediate future with a view to it being submitted to the Attorney-General and Mr. Byrne in case they would wish to alter the opinion they have already expressed. (AOB: had the not showed interest in the case, or have they expressed a legal objection?)  In my respectful submission these broadcasts are certainly calculated to effect the morale not merely of civilian and war workers on the home front, but the actual troops engaged in the invasion, who I assume have opportunities of listening to them.  If this is a fair view, then I cannot help but think that these broadcasts are "designed or likely to give assistance to the naval, military or air operations of the enemy, or to impede such operations of His Majesty's ... Forces.

Sgd. by W.E. Hinchley Cooke

(Directed onto)

Sir Edward Tindal Atkinson,  K.B.E.,  C.B.E.,

Director of Public Prosecutions,

Devonshire House,

Piccadilly, W.1.


KV 2/245-1, page 64  

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

                    For your information it is now been determined that the records of the Department of Health, New York City, located at Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, reflect that the State of New York Certificate and Record of Birth #11596 discloses that William Joyce, a white male child, was born April 24, 1906, at 1377 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, New York.  The father's name was given as Michael Joyce, residence 1377 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, New York. Michael Joyce was born in Ireland and was 36 years of age at the time of William Joyce's birth.  His occupation was listed as contractor at that time. His mother's name was given on the birth records as Gertrude Emily Joyce, nee Gertrude Emily Brooke.  She was born in England and was 26 years of age at the time of William's birth. The record reflected her residence as 1377 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, new York.  They had no previous children.


KV 2/ 245-1, page 66

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

Please digest the content yourself

William Joyce's application


certificate of Medical Examination

Date 21-10-22

KV 2/245-1, page 68

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

                    To: -

                                        Please acknowledge receipt of the enclosed certificate  "A"

                                                                    Infanty  (In 1925 William Joyc was about 19 years old)

                                                                                                        Capt. & Adjt.

                                        University of London O.T.C.

                                        46,  Russel Square,

                                        London,  W.C.1.


                                        on the left-hand side:

                                        "Certificate   "A


                                        Date 22/6/26

                                        Signature   ...



KV 2/245-1, page 69

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                        I was informed, at the Brigade Headquarters of the District in which I was stationed in Ireland, that I possessed the same rights and privileges as I would if of national British birth.

                                                            I can obtain testimonials as to my loyalty to the Crown.

                                                            I am in no way connected with the United States of America, against which, as against all other nations, I am prepared to draw to draw the sword in British interest.

                                                            As a young man of pure British descent, some of those forefathers have held high positions in the British Army, I have always been decisions of devoting what little capabilities in my possess the country which I so love dearly.

                                                            I ask that you inform me if the accident of my birth which I refer above, will effect my position.

                                                            I shall be in London for the September Matriculation Examination, and I hope to commence studies at the London University at the beginning of the ment  academic.

                                                            I trust that you will reply as soon as possible, and that your reply will be favourable to my aspirations.

                                                                                                    Thanking you for your kind promise of interview,

                                                                                                                                                             I am Sir,

                                                                                                                                                                         yours faithfully

                                                                                                                                                                                        Willy Joyce.


KV 2/245-1, page 91

                                                                                                                                                 Crown Copyright

            Transcript of shorthand notes taken by detective Buswell, Special Branch, New Scotland Yard (AOB Whitehall), at the B.B.C. 10.30 p.m. 12th July, 1943.

- - -

        Unidentified male voice speaking in English:

                                        "Germany calling.    here are the stations Calais one, 514 metres;  Calais two, 301.6 metres; Köln 456 metres;  Breslau 316 metres;  Luxembourg 1293 metres; and the short wave transmitter DXX 41.27 metres ...."

                                       This voice then read news, and ended as follows: "And now you will hear 'Views on the News'  by William Joyce."

        A voice recognised by me as that of William Joyce then said:

                                        "To-day's report from the German Supreme Command announces further details of the great battle now raging in the East between Byelgorod (Belgorod) and Orel.  German troops have succeeded in surrounding and annihilating a large enemy force. several thousand prisoners were taken in this particular engagement and 129 Soviet tanks were destroyed or put out of action, while a large number of guns and other weapons were captured.  During yesterday's operations on the sector of the front where the heavy fighting is taking place, 220 enemy tanks and seventy Soviet aircraft were destroyed.  Since the 5th July, when the action began, the Bolsheviks have lost no fewer than 28,000 prisoners, 1640 tanks and fourteen hundred guns. The number of their fatal casualties has been high. On this latter point no figure is as yet available, but in the past, particularly during the course of pitched battles, the Soviet losses in dead have been least three or four times as great as their losses in prisoners.

Please digest the rest yourself


AOB:  believe me or not: these transcripts goes on and on -

all in vain, but they weren't aware of it; for some years to come.


KV 2/245-2, page 2

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

In my perception - it does make sense to smell some of the atmosphere of the early months of the war, as to a get a brief feeling for the mood within M.I.5., at least                 

Minute 199           


                    You might like to see the letter at (minute) 192a which Joyce left behind when he went to Germany (26 August 1939).  You will note that it dates as far back as 1936 when Joyce was still in the B.U.F. (British Union of Fascists). The writer may well have changed his views by now.

            B.7.   30.11.39

AOB: I get the strong impression - that quite a number of British Civil Crown Servants had been dedicated to William Joyce mainly; maybe some even entirely!

Two additional remarks:

Joyce must have had a considerable influence, or suspected influence, on the British population


they have been mainly driven by the existence of a phenomenon nicknamed "Lord Haw-Haw", in casu William Joyce.


KV 2/245-2, page 11      (minute 274a)                                                                                                                 14.9.1941

                                                                                                                                                     Crown Copyright

I meet Haw-Haw


William L. Shirer

William L. Shirer - Wikipedia  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_L._Shirer


I strongly advice you to digest this press cutting yourself.


KV 2/245-2, page 22    (minute 257a)

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

                        Captain Guy Liddell,


                                Major G.N. Preston of O.S.17 has called to inform us that in 1929 or 1930 he was at a crammer's Francis J. Borland, of 89,  Eccleston Square, S.W.1 ('phone Victoria 7161), and that William Joyce was a Latin tutor there at the time.

                                Joyce is described as clever, sarcastic and supercilious (arrogant), but with a good deal of bluff to support the cleverness.  Even then he was an ardent Fascist and made no secret of the fact, propagating his ideas to anyone who would listen to them.

                                He was married, and lived in Flood Street, Chelsea.  If there was any trouble anywhere, he wanted to be in it, and the scar on his face was supposed to have been received in a brawl (fight).  He claimed it to be Mosley's organiser.

                                He was always holding forth on the subject of the Daily Telegraph, the Morning Post and the Daily Herald.  The views expressed by the first two he invariably disputed, while he considered the Daily Herald to be the best newspaper in the country.

                                It is doubtful whether this information will add in the slightest degree to our knowledge of William Joyce, but there is one curious point that might interest a psychologist - Joyce was an inveterate (chronic) "doodler"!   He could never come within reach of pencil and paper without drawing a coronated devil's head, as under, and this never varied.


                                Later on it might be possible to establish his identity by reason of his curious habit alone, and by the way, Major Preston says there is not the slightest doubt that the broadcaster from Germany is joyce, for his voice, method and everything else about his radio personality are identical with the man he knew.

Room 055 (War Room)                                                                                        Sgd. Orr




KV 2/245-2, page 31     (minute 250b)

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

Cross Reference.

                                        Subject:-    William Joyce.


                                                            S.B. (AOB, Special Branch, at Scotland Yard WhitehallReport.

                                                                                            According to this report, Eric Herbert Hamilton Piercy is married to the divorced wife of William Joyce, and has taken the two children of Joyce in this union.


AOB: A disadvantage of this type of file series, is, that most information is quite fragmentary and is hardly reproduced in a sound successive order.


KV 2/245-2, page 32a  + 33b   (minute 249ab)

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                        Dear Mr McClure,

                                        With further reference to the decode of the cypher message sent to William Joyce through Anna Wolkoff, it will be remembered that the last paragraph of the message read:-

                                                            'Acknowledge this is Caryle reference radio not Thurs. or Sun.  reply same channel same cypher.'

                                                                                A search has been made by the B.B.C. Monitoring experts and it has been ascertained that on Saturday afternoon 27th, April, 1940 the following was broadcast from the      British Broadcasting Station":-

                                                            'We thank the French for nothing: where is their Shakespeare?  Who is their Carlyle?  But we have been told they excel in mathematics.  Certainly, at glance they excel in this respect.  But Isaac Newton can probably hold his own against Coue.. (Reference to French music) ..  The world looks Handel, Wagner and Verdi, but in this respect we need not at least hide our heads from the French.  These comparisons might go on for ever in the world of art and science ...'

                                                                            The above translation was broadcast in English language.

                                                                             This broadcasting station has been operating since February 1940 and is situated near Berlin. It broadcasts most virulent fifth column propaganda, and at times instructions are issued by the various announcers one of whom is known as the "Professor".  These instructions take the form of orders to secret groups or cells in this country, an the nature of the orders would appear to indicate that these groups are to carry out subversive activities in Great Britain.

                    It is not without interest to note that earlier in his career, roughly between 1934 and 1936, Joyce was frequently referred to as Professor Joyce, and has been jokingly nick-named the Professor by many of his former British Union colleagues.

                    It is also of interest that the general tenor of the N.B.B.S.  broadcasts smack very much of what might well be termed William Joyce's political technique.


                Yours sincerely,

                                    Signature not been reproduced

AOB: addressed on to:

            George B. McClure

            5 Paper Buildings,   E.C. 4.

AOB, please be aware: - that the German successful Campaign in Western-Europe (initiated on 10th May 1940) was due to start in a few days time; and coded messages were part of it.



(2)    (9 July 2022)

KV 2/245-2, page 34     (minute 247a)

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

AOB: likely intercepted letter on behalf of M.I.12 forwarded to M.I.5.

From  Mary Hennesy, St. Ronan's, Rockbarton, Galway (Ireland)

To  Mrs. Tubbins, Mayfields, Stanwell Road, Bedfont, Feltham, Middx

Date of letter submitted   1.7.40



Submitted by order of M.I.12

The writer of letter states:  "By the way you ever remember a Dr. Long in Limk (Limerick?), long ago Dr. who used to do street preaching, and had a kind of proselytising dispensary in Thomas or Catherine St. ??   Well, that chap who does the radio stunt that night for Germany, Haw-Haw, is a grandson of his.  His father Joyce married Long's daughter. Joyce was a tenant (renter) of ours, and lived here - an awful old scoundrel (crook) and the son a worse type.  They were cleared out of this country during the troubled times (the Irish uprising against the British?). I get tickled to death when I hear his marvellous accent. One of the Jesuit priests recognised his voice. He happened to be at their day school for a bit until they cleared him. Such is life".


    12 Jul. 1940


KV 2/245-2, page 36    (minute 243b)

                                                                                                                                                                         Crown Copyright

            Subject:-    William Joyce

                                                                                    Source B.5b. (M.I.5)    Report re Anna Wolkoff: 9.5.40 (the day before the Germans invaded France and the Low Lands)    11.5.40

    9.5.40                Anna states that the important cypher message to William Joyce has been received by him and it is gathered that it must have been received during the last 7 - 10 days.

    11.5.40              With reference to the code letter recently dispatched to William Joyce in Germany, it is understood that sometime during the week previous to May 8th,  it was reported to Anna Wolkoff that Joyce had received the letter in question.  It appears that there is one particular member of the Right Club who systematically listens in to Joyce's broadcasts and Anna recently said that this man has a wireless transmitter.

KV 2/245-2, page 37a

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

It is always hard to understand that documents being considered sensible

at least we know what it was/is about.

KV 2/256-2, page 7a

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

                    ?.5.40    Cross reference to S.B. (Special Branch at Scotland Yard at Whitehall) report re McNab.                    (242a)

We will later encounter the name McNab several times.

As useably common the file series in running in a inverse succession

KV 2/245-2, page 6a

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

 I have skipped the according pages 38 and 39, as these again constitute blanked pages too

AOB: I always become a bit distrustful, what do they have to keep hidden for us, frequently?

KV 2/245-2, page 40    (minute 234b)

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

The Joyce Voice

        As one who knew Willie Joyce  (N.R. March 7)  from the time he arrived in Galway (an infant) until he left rather hurriedly in 1922 (a move entering London University; and for him is was significant being accepted as being a British citizen; born in New York), I am quite certain that he at the 9.15 p.m. and 11.15 p.m. English Announcer from Hamburg, Bremen, etc.    Ever since those broadcasts started I was struck by the familiarity of that voice.  I often mentioned that I had heard that voice before but could not place it, but the minute I saw your photograph and read the paragraph, I knew at once it was Willie.

 Even as a small precocious child he had the same sneering, sarcastic venom when speaking of anything Irish or pertaining to Galway.  He was not lost this "accomplishment"-rather it is much more pronounced when criticising Mr. Churchill.

        I have shown News Review top some of Willie's schoolmates.  Each had the same story of recognising "Lord Haw-Haw's" voice but were puzzled by its family.

                                                        M. Kelly



            You state that William Joyce was one of Sir Oswald Mosley's most famous speakers.

            You do not, however, state that he was formerly a member of the Conservative Party and still speaks with their familiar accent.  neither do you state that he was expelled from the British Union (B.U.F.) in March, 1937, since he was too friendly with Germany.

                                                            Ken Clare.


            Joyce's brother Frank has been dismissed from his post as clerk of works to the B.B.C. civil engineering department, which he had held for seven years.  Said the Broadcasting House spokesman last week:  "His alleged relationship had nothing to do with the termination of his appointment".

-   Ed.


KV 2/245-2, page 45 + 46 + 47 +48     (minute 230)

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                        Division    Buxton & Chapel-en-le-Frith

                        Station      Chapel-en-le-Frith


                                    Date   18th, March, 1940

German Broadcasts in English.

                                        I respectfully beg to report that it recently came to my knowledge that one of the persons who broadcasts from the German  Stations, Bremen, and over the Short Wave Transmitter DJA on the 41 metres band, has local relatives.

                                The Announcer in question is the usually referred to as "Lord Haw-Haw".  I believe Jonah Barrington, a correspondent of the London Daily Express was responsible for this nick-name which has come a popular means of reference to this particular announcer who is famed for his sneering and sarcastic attitude towards this Country.He is obviously English as there is a total absence of German accent.  His English is good but not up to the standard of B.B.C. Announcers.  I have listened to his voice many times and the following peculiarities are nearly always present and render his identity without difficulty.  He referes to Hamburg with a full "Hamboursh", uses short vowels and his punctuation of cultural us usually "keltcheral" (AOB, that is where William Joyce grew up) with an over-accentuated T.  The latter habit is evident in certain other words. His voice has a slight nasal resonance and the audibility of his intake of breath whilst reading his 'script (suggesting tonsils or catarrhal origin) is not less conspicuous.

                                At 3-50 p.m. on Sunday, the 17th instant, I had a conversation with Mr. Gilbert Hopwood Brooke, age 54 years, of Woodlands, Manchester Road, Chapel-en-le-Firth, Yarn Salesman employed by Messrs J. Crowther & Co. Ltd., of No. 41 Corporation Street, Manchester.  Mr. Brooke is a native of Shaw & Crompton, near Oldham, Lancashire.  For the past eight or nine years he has resided at Chinley in this Division and prior to that lived at Glossop in the County for about 4 years.  He removed to his present address about two months ago.  His father was a Doctor of Medicine and was Medical Officer of Health for Crompton forty years, he was also Medical Officer to the Poor Law Authority and Public Vaccinator (all three being Government appointments).  There were four children of the marriage, two are still living:  Mr Brooke and his eldest sister Getrude Emily Joyce, who is the mother of William Joyce or "Lord Haw-Haw".  Mr Brooke is a sensitive man with no recommendations in the way of personality, appearance or address and one's first impression is that he is very ordinary respectable working man instead of the son of a Doctor.  I have known him personally since the commencement of hostilities when he took ab active part in the staffing of the First Aid Post at Chapel-en-le-Frith (He is Superintendent of the St. John Ambulance Brigade).   His son William Brooke is nineteen years of age and is employed at the same First Aid Post on night duty.  His ambition is to join the Navy and follow the same class of work, i.e. ambulance work.


                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

German Broadcasts in English (continued)

                                I understand his particulars have been taken by the Naval Recruiting Authorities (believed Manchester)  and he has been informed that he will be sent for about August of this year (1940) William is a very respectable youth of good appearance and has no interest in politics.

                                Mr. Brooke's sister Getrude Emily Joyce met her husband Michael Francis Joyce in County Galway, Eire, and a Catholic.  Mrs Joyce is a Protestant.  Both retained their original Faith and this was produced a most unhappy married life.  Mr. Joyce is now about eighty years of age and his wife about sixty-two. They went to America shortly after the marriage (AOB, incorrect as we have noticed from Brooklyn New York that they married in the U.S.A. in 1903) and Mr. Joyce obtained employment with an American building firm.  Leaving America about 1910 they returned to Eire; either County Galway or Ayle near Westport, where Mr. Joyce purchased property and spent his time keeping it in repair.

                                                              Mr. Joyce had five children as follows:-

                                                            (1).  William Joyce, now about 35 years of age.                        Married.

                                                            (2).  Francis Joyce,             -do- 29 years of age.                             -do-

                                                            (3).  Quentin Joyce,            -do- 24 years of age.                         Single

                                                            (4).  Joan Joyce                   -do- 22 years of age                           Single

                                                            (5).  Robert Joyce,              -do-  20 years of age                          Single

                                William Joyce who is suspected of this report was born in Brooklyn, New York.  He is understood to have no Religion.  He was educated at a Convent in County Galway and an early age developed a strong tendency to argue with Principles, expounding original theories on all manner of things.  This conduct, being alien to the atmosphere of a Convent, was frowned (moped) upon, and he was eventually turned out.  Later, however, he proved that he was above the average in intelligence and with the aid of scholarship and with the aid of scholarship, etc. he worked his way to the university (either Oxford or Queen's College, Galway) (AOB, correctly it was at London University) where he obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees.  It was at the time of the Irish Rebellion that he came to London with his parents and lived with them at No. 7 Allison Grove, Dulwich, S.E.21. This house is the property of his father. William Joyce made a reasonable living by teaching languages and coaching for the University in German.  he was at one time a very active member of Sir Oswald Mosley's Party but was dropped by Sir Oswald because there was not room for two Leaders of the Party. He later started some political organisation on his own in London.  Joyce is believed to have been married twice (there is a doubt about his second association - Mr. Brooke never heard of their marriage.   He divorced his first wife about eight or ten years ago owing to her misconduct and nothing of interest is known concerning her.  He met his second wife about eight or ten years ago whilst following his political activities.  She was a member of the British Union of Fascists in the Eaton Mersey or Eaton Norris District of Manchester.  during his married life Joyce lived in Kensington.  he left this country for Germany just before the outbreak of war, taking his wife with him.


(minute 230k)

                                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

German Broadcasts in English (continued).

                    Francis & Robert Joyce both hold appointments with the British Broadcasting Corporation in London as engineers.

                    Quentin Joyce was employed in the Air ministry (technical) and went to Germany last July (1939) on what is believed to be some doubtful mission for his brother William.  Quentin was arrested presumably by officers of the Special Branch (Scotland Yard at Whitehall) soon after William's departure (25/26th 1939) for Germany.   He was relieved of his post at the Air Ministry and lodged in Wandsworth Gaol, later being removed to Liverpool Gaol where he is still believed to be.  No charge has been preferred.

                    Joan Joyce resides with her parents at the address in Dulwich and obtains employment as an assistant in department Stores. She cannot make any progress, however, as by devious channels the stigma of her brother William's disloyalty follows her and she is invariable discharged.

                    The parents are at present in low financial circumstances and the mother is practically dependant upon Robert.  The father realises small commissions by canvassing for Messrs Hoovers, the Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers.  Mr. Brooke occasionally sends small sums of money to his sister - a fortnight ago he sent her £2.

                    William Joyce has never visited his Uncle Mr. Brooke during the latter's residence in Derbyshire, in fact the last time Joyce was at his Uncle's house was about fourteen years ago when the latter lived at Shaw.  William Joyce is believed to be acquainted with this District  as he has spent a lot of time in the Manchester area giving political lectures.  It was not definitely known to Mr. Brooke that his nephew was broadcasting in English from a German Station (although he had a good idea as the voice was familiar) until about six weeks ago when he received a letter from his sister Mrs. Joyce to the effect that as he was only surviving member of her family apart from herself she thought he ought to know of her great trouble regarding William her son.  She went on to say that owing to international unrest prior to the war, William lost nearly all his pupils and was almost destitute (insolvent). Just prior to the war he was offered an appointment by the German government as an English Announcer and owing to his straitened circumstances he accepted the position and left the Country for Germany (25/26th August 1939).  The last time Mr. Brooke saw William Joyce was about eighteen months ago when he visited London for the day with a local friend.  Having a few hours to spare he called on his sister (William Joyce's mother), visited Broadcasting House and saw his two nephews, and by arrangement over the telephone he met William at St. Pancras.  William Joyce, his wife, his mother, his mother and Mr. Brooke's departure on the 6-25 p.m. Manchester express.  Joyce has a deep and conspicuous scar which runs down the side of his face.  This was caused by a razor slash received in a fanatical brawl at Lambeth some years ago when he was at one of Sir Oswald Moseley's Meetings.


(minute 230k)

                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

German Broadcasts in English (continued).

                                Mr. Brooke is greatly distressed by his nephew's treachery and would not under any circumstance have anything more to do with him.  He has instructed his family at Chapel-en-le Frith to say nothing to anyone of the relationship as he is ashamed and afraid of gaining unwelcome notoriety, especially if it comes to the knowledge of the Press reporters.

                                Before leaving the Office mr. Brooke reminded me that he may have supplied slight inaccuracies regarding ages, etc. but to be strictly correct was very difficult owing to the lack of close relation between the two families.

                                I understand several articles have appeared in the Press at different times regarding William Joyce and no doubt most of them were more informative than this report, but I have collected all the information possible in the slender hope that there may some little point which is not already known to the Special Branch (Scotland Yard, at Whitehall)

                The Superintendent,

    Chapel- en-le-Frith.

                                Respectfully submitted.  The knowledge that Mr. Gilbert H. Brooke was an Uncle of William Joyce - who, according to the Press, has been identified as "Lord Haw-Haw"- was obtained during a casual conversation Inspector Davies had at the First Aid Post at Chapel-en-le-Frith with William Brooke, who is employed there.

                                An interview was consequently arranged at this Office with Mr. Brooke senior, on the afternoon of the 17th instant when he supplied the information contained in this report.

Sgd.  James E. Roger??



KV 2/245-2, page 49    (minute 222c)

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright


Cross Reference.


                    Subject.                    William Joyce

                    22.2.40                      B.7  minute re Major Pullar

                                                            "In a recent letter to Richard Findlay, Luttman Johnson states that communications for William Joyce in Germany can be sent via Major Pullar in Jugoslavia.  Since we cannot rely on the Censorship picking up all the post going to Pullar, I should like to have a check on his address in Italy so that we may find out who, in this country, is attempting to communicate with William Joyce".


KV 2-245-2, page 68

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

I would like to suggest to digest its content, when you like it


KV 2/245-2, page 82 + 83b    (minute 179x)

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright


                    Source: S.B. (Special Branch Scotland Yard at Whitehall)  Report, 25th, September, 1939.

                                        Miss Joan Joyce told   ...(name deleted), M.P. associated with the Nordic League, that her brother William Joyce had slipped away to Germany because he had been told 'unofficially' that he would be arrested  on the outbreak of war if he were then in England.  Miss Joyce added that her brother Quentin Joyce had been greatly encouraged by an officer of the "Secret Service" who had visited him in prison on the morning of the of the 19th September, as he was the individual who had advised William to leave England to avoid being arrested, and he had told Quentin that there was nothing to worry about so far as he was concerned.

Source:   B.5b. (M.I.5), 25th September, 1939.

                                        ..."You will recollect that I had a telephone conversation with William Joyce a few days before the war broke out and I had very reason to think that he would have informed his brother or some member of his family of this conversation. Therefore it seemed to me that it would help to break the ice with Quentin Joyce and would also show him that I was speaking the truth about my having known his brother for many years if I told him that I had actually had a telephone conversation with William as recently as a few days before.

                                        The S.B. report of course speaks for itself, but Mr. White and Mr. Sneath were a little alarmed lest S.B. should get the idea from the statement made by Miss Joyce that there had actually been an indiscretion on the part of an officer of M.I.5. ... I pointed out that with reference to the telephone conversation with William Joyce this had been immediately reported verbally to yourself and to Mr. Sneath, and of course it is hardly necessary to state that there was no question of Joyce having been warned or given any improper information."


KV 2/245-2, page 88x As the sequence is not conclusive I cannot add a minute reference number

                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

    ... the intended going to the office of the National Socialist League I at once sent P.S. Henson there to search if he could gain access. He found the building closed; no search was then made and the women were not seen in the vicinity.

                                        I continued the search at 38a, Bardley Crescent and to question Mrs. Joyce senior (William's mother), and her son Robert.  They eventually admitted they had seen William Joyce and his wife off from Victoria on Saturday, 26 August (1939), by the 10.30 a.m. train for Dover en route Ostend.  They would not say what was his destination but I gathered that it was Germany.    I brought away from the flat two attaché cases and a cardboard box containing papers for examination by M.I.5.

                                        The following morning, 5th September, with P.S. Henson I visited and searched the office of the National Socialist League at 177, Vauxhaill Bridge Road.  A large quantity of propaganda literature was seen including about 4000 copies of a typescript notice that the N.S.L. was dissolved (as from 26th August). The only papers brought away for examination by M.I.5. are contained in a box file and include what apparently are the membership forms of past and present members of the League.

                                        During the evening of the 5th September with Inspector Flood I succeeded in seeing J.A. MacNab in his room at 36, St. Georges Road, S.W.  He appeared to be very nervous and said that he and William Joyce had been in partnership as MacNab and Joyce, tutors and had also been jointly interested in the N.S.L (National Socialist League).  He also said that he had drawn up the notice announcing the dissolution of the League on 26th August and had himself posted copies to not more than fifty members on 28th August.

                                        In answer to questions as to Joyce's whereabouts, he said that he was present at Victoria on 26th August when Joyce and his wife left for Berlin, 27th August".  The post-card together with a few other ...

KV 2/245-2, page 131   AOB: this should have been the first minute sheet, but to the more or less chaotic nature of the intriguing file series, we find it here


                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

                        It all starts on 18th January 1924 with minute                                                                                 (1a)

AOB: I wonder - are we, as average citizen around the world, aware of what secretly being recorded and saved upon us; and since when - continually or occasionally?

What is really difficult to accept, is, that it often is a matter of denunciation, where it starts with; but also the "cul-de sac" where it terminates, for ever isn't known yet, as someone's name is since kept in an existing system.


KV 2/245-3, page 24    (minute 41 or 47a)

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

         AOB: Fate of human (family) life

                                                                                                                                                    Date 23.11.1938

                    Quentin Joyce.

                                        This man's first came to notice in December, 1936, when M/F (the code of the source of information) discovered that William Joyce had a brother of this name.

                                        On 26.5.37 M. reported that Quentin was employed at the Air Ministry.  The following is an extract from the report:-

                                        "Quentin is described as liking his work in the Air Ministry. very much and hoping to get on well; while Frank is worshipper at the feet of Sir John Reith. There is no evidence that either of these young two young men is using his position in any improper way, and as the information came to me as a friend, I should be reluctant to do anything which might prejustice their careers.  In any case, if it is deemed advisable to make inquiries, I suggest that at least a month should be allowed to elapse before such are instituted."

                                         On 18.12.37 Quentin spoke at a meeting of the National Socialist league in north London.   His speech consisted of the usual anti-Jewish declamations and an attack on the Labour Party.

                                        Nothing further was heard of Quentin Joyce until he was mentioned somewhat cryptically in a (intercepted) letter to William Joyce from Chistian Harri Bauer on 1.10.38.  -"Q. will have told you that I am going to switch the old footlights on and that I should be grateful for more information in that respect.  You will understand.  You can tell him too, that Marseilles is o.k.  He'll know." 

1.    Note.    A subsequent telephone conversation that "Q" is Quentin.

2.    Note.    Bauer who was formerly in this country as representative of a paper called "Kyffhäuser" was made the subject of an exclusion circular in November 1937.  There are strong grounds for suspecting that he was employed in this country as agent of the Reichswehr, and though this was never substantiated his activities were certainly of a suspicious nature.


KV 2/245-3, page 25

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

                                                        On 6.10.38    Bauer wrote to William Joyce enclosing a letter for Quentin and saying that the latter would tell Joyce about the "schema" and added "This only, of course, if the Person in question".

from the enclosure to Quentin, it appeared that the latter was to undertake some form of deal in registered marks.

                                          In a further letter from Bauer to Joyce, dated 19.10.38 the following sentence appeared:-

                                                  "If you can spare an occasional half-hour, and if you think it advisable I should most certainly be very glad to get the supp's names (Q. will be able to tell you) as I could possibly make good use to them sometimes".


B.2.c.       23.11.38                                                                            Sgd. K.S.W.


KV 2/245-3, page 41     (minute 62x)

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

                                        B.2.c.  (M.I.5.)

                                        re William Joyce:

                                                            I received a report yesterday from a very reliable but causal informant of mine who for the past six months on my instructions has been keeping in close touch with the National Socialist league.

                                                            My informant is a member on an organisation known as the "English Array" which is a major portion of the old "English Mistery".

                                                            The English Array is led by Lord Lynington and although not very l

                                                            The English Army is led by Lord Lymington and although not very large numerically (I believe its numbers less than 3,000) it is composed of a very good type of man, different in every way from the fascist type.

                                                            During the last few weeks while the present situation has been increasing in tension Wn. Joyce has become more and more violently pro-German.  In the course of his desire to further his own National Socialist league he made approach to Lord Lymington with a view to cooperating  with the English Array in their efforts to promote a peaceful solution to the Czech question, with the result that a rather loose body was formed called the British Council against European Commitments (see attached leaflet), the president being Viscount Lymington and hon. secretary John Beckett.

                                                            Friction very soon developed between Joyce and Lord Lymington owing to Joyce's very violent pro-German views, with the result that at a meeting held last weekend, Joyce publicly refuted (disapproved) the programme of the Council and left the platform.

                                                            It is stated by my informant that Joyce and John Beckett have finally quarrelled and parted company. (I think this is reliable). Becketts maintained that while he does not wish for war and while he sympathises with the Fascist point of view, he would never take part in any activity which might be detrimental to the interests of this country in the event of war.

                                                            Joyce, on the other hand, has in the presence of witnesses dismantled from this view.  Joyce's personality, which is always highly emotional, has become more hysterical during recent weeks, and my information gives it as his considered opinion that the event of war with Germany he does not think Joyce's loyalty can not be relied upon.  He thinks that Joyce has been keeping in constant touch with the N.S.D.A.P. during the last weeks or so, and after the meeting of the British council, referred to above, my informant actually heard Joyce say to a German who was present, speaking in the German language: "If there is war with Germany I will be shot rather than take any part in it on behalf of Britain".  Then, with tears streaming down his cheeks he added: "But I am convinced that we shall one day see Germany the master of Europe".


27.9.38                                                                                                                                                B.5.b. 


KV 2/245-3, page 56    (minute 29a)   

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright



                    Subject W. Joyce

                    12.3.37                    S.B. (Special Branch at Scotland yard Whitehall)  reports that on Thursday, March 11th, Sir Oswald Mosley held a meeting of senior officials.  At the end of the meeting many were handed envelope containing money and a letter giving them a week notice and an intimation that there was no necessity for them to come to the office in future.  Among those receiving notice was William Joyce.


KV 2/245-3, page 58  (minute 24a)

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright


                    Author of original   M/F                                                                                 place of date of origin 24.1.37


                                        Joyce is apparently fed up about the loss of the uniform. For what I was told, I feel certain that Joyce had turned from the Napoleonic pose to a copy of the Prussian officer.  I hear that (thus information from hear-say?) his manner had steadily  been becoming more parade ground like and that his head was cropped closer that ever before.   From allusions to a certain irritability of manner I would make a guess (also guessing?) that Joyce feels in his inner man that he ought to be more a leading light that he is (hardly a report of a scientific standard). from what I saw on the night of the dinner, and from what I have heard since I have come to the conclusion which I will advance for your considerations.    I think that secretly Joyce thinks (M/F thinks that Joyce thinks .. mm?) O.M. a connected popinjay but has no intention of allowing anything og his to see the light of the day.  Meantime he certainly throws himself into every activity with unbounded energy and efficiency. (AOB: I have no idea whom M/F might have been, but comparing the low quality of observations and judgements - I would not wonder when he actually was Mr. Ustinov alias U.35 or Mr. Johnson or Mr.Sharmer)  The fact that Joyce has forced to the background slightly is not to my mind that Joyce's powers are waning but that the heads realise the worth of the man and the danger to themselves. It will suit Joyce to see O.M. in the limelight, preening (smartening) himself and generally providing publicity.  Joyce can afford to wait.

Meantime, Joyce works hard.  he does not model himself on the lines of the ascetic Hitler.  he drinks, plays about with women and plans.  It is easy to see that he is an expert at intregue but temperament does not allow him to seek popularity.  He is pleasant to those who do not appose him but never what I should call friendly.  I have been actually conscious that he is irritated sometimes to the point of insanity by the men above him, especially the old men.

Joyce, to my mind (his mind mmm??), is one of the most fascinating characters studies in movt (?). If this movt. does collapse, it will not mean the last of Joyce. If on the other hand the movement succeeds  in coming in power, I fancy that one of the first thing Joyce will do is ti try to bring about a purge of the party. I am convinced (??) that in reality Joyce hates the second rate politicians like beckett.

I cannot say I can visualise Joyce and O.M.(?) working in harness for long.  Joyce is skilful enough to hide what he thinks to certain extent but the pride and conceit of them both would be sure to clash. O.M. knows that Joyce is probably the most skilful and efficient officer that he has at N.H.Q., and for that reason he cannot afford to lose him.  Joyce I am sure realises that the British people would soon tire of the superficial brilliance of O.M. (?) I that event he would grab his chance.

Joyce knows what he wants in life, and it out to get it. I feel somehow, despite the fact that I dislike the man intensively, that in him there is someone who might one day make history.  With all his faults he remains in my mind one of the most compelling personalities of the whole movement.


KV 2/245-3, page 67    (minute 5b)

                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Cardiff City Police

                                                                W.F. (AOB, keeping in line with the forgoing pages)

                           Reference H.Q.                    Head Quarters 

                                                                                                 Law? Courts

                                                                28th May, 1936


                                        I have to forward herewith, for your information, a transcript of shorthand notes taken by one of my officers of the utterances of William Joyce, the Director of Policy of the British union of Fascists, at a meeting held under the auspices of that Organisation at the Kennard Hall, Cardiff, on the evening of Sunday, the 24th May, 1936.


                I am,


        Your obedient servant,



Chief Constable

                    Colonel Sir V.G.W.   Kell, K.B.E.   C.B.,

                                    Box  No. 500,

                                            Parliament Street,

                                                    London  S.W. 1.


AOB: For me it is all the time difficult to decide what I should transcribe for the readers of this exceptional William Joyce episode; I therefore have this time considered that it may make sense to show what kind of talks and thoughts William Joyce in the the country reflected.


KV 2/245-3, page 68     (minute 5b)

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Crown Copyright                           


                            25th May, 1936


            To:-  the Deputy Chief Constable.


                                        I beg to report that I attended a meeting of the British Union of Fascist, at the Kennard Hall, Richmond Road, on the evening of Sunday, the 24th instant, for the purpose of taking shorthand notes of the utterances  (words) of the speakers.

                                        The speaker was Mt. William Joyce, the Director of Policy of the British Union of Fascists,   and the following is a transcript of my shorthand notes.


Mr. William Joyce:-

Ladies and Gentlemen,

                                        In the first place I wish to thank you very earnestly for your presence here this evening.  I realise that to be present you have had to make some little sacrifice I am grateful, and I hope to repay it by explaining yo you the object and the purpose of your much misrepresented Movement.

                                                            I would not begin any speech today without making allusion to the fact that it is the Empire Day.  At the present time the 24th May seems to have comparatively little significance in Britain.  True it is that we see the encouraging sight of little children marching behind the Colours,  but I do not know why this tribute to our Empire should be reserved for children on this day.


KV 2/245-3, page 69

                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

I should prefer ti think that the day will come, and at no distant time, when our whole whole people will join in celebration of this occasion, for it is by her Empire that Britain must stand or fall.  If we lose our empire we lose the existence, and during the years which have followed the Great War I have observed not one tendency to strengthen and co-ordinate our Empire, but I have observed a score of tendencies to disrupt our Empire and to surrender it, and this evening I want to immediate pass to this great subject - a subject that should be of absorbing interest to every British man and woman.

                                                            I would begin by reminding you that ours is an Imperialism, that we have no desire to grab or to acquire the territory of others, but that it would be an abominable crime if we permitted our own people to starve when we have one quarter of the Earth's surface at our disposal;  and because I am present this evening to discuss our Empire and our country I am compelled, in the first instance, very unwillingly, to make reference to the only subject which seems to interest our politicians today - the subject of foreign pit is very difficult to believe that they have been elected to represent the people of Britain, for when we have been elected to represent the people of Britain, for when we have (in truth as part of statistics) nearly three million unemployed when what used to be the key industries of this island have fallen into the state of degradation, when our means of livelihood are no longer clear before the people but when every man, whatever his social position may be, knows that in 6 month time he may be faced with pecuniary hardship, then I say it is a shame that those


KV 2/245-3, page 70

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

whom we elect should spend nearly the whole of their time in trying to solve the problems of foreign nations.  It is not the duty of our representatives to interfere with Italy, Germany, France or Abyssinia - our first and primary duty is to find work for the workless.  The second duty is to bring to our people those conditions of prosperity which have to refer to foreign politics because we are assured that we are in danger of war.  We are told by no less an authority than Mr. Ramsay Macdonald that we were never nearer to war since 1941.   To judge by the part that Mr. Macdonald played in the last war, the next ought not to because him any deep concern.  If our Lord Bishops, who a few years ago assured us that War would never break out again;  who told us that if we joined the Territorial Army we were joining the ranks of the professional butchers - if they tell us we must now be prepared to lay down our lives fighting for the League of Nations (pre-war institution which after the war was substituted by the U.N.O.) we have the right to ask whether these gentlemen will give us anything more than their blessing if we have to march to war again.  I do not believe war to be necessary, still less to be desirable.  On the contrary I am convinced - as you must be convinced - that between the year 1914 and 1918 there was made a sufficient sacrifice by the British people.  We lost a million of our best manhood - hundreds of thousands came back maimed and battered expecting to find a land fit for heroes to live in - and that land they have been seeking ever since outside the Labour Exchanges.  Surely the sacrifice of that period ought to guarantee us the right not to die for any foreign country but to live for our own country.   The sacrifice of that generation ought to guarantee us the right to build up our own prosperity and not the right to die in every European quarrel that may arise.

                                        I have to refer briefly to the two subjects which from the centre of the European controversy today.  The first is →

KV 2/245-3, page 71

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

the dispute between Italy and Abyssinia - now almost at an end.  I have never sought to convince any audience that the moral right lay on the side of Italy.    I believe indeed, personally, as an individual, that Mussolini was justified, but that view I do not wish to impose upon you.    It is immaterial. I was never interested in the question as to whether Italy was right or wrong. I was never interested, however, in the question as to how far we, as a people, should become involved, and it seemed to me that in that dispute there was no reason why one single British life should be lost.   I will go farther and say there was no reason why one British man should be taken out of employment on to the streets.  Our own Leader (Sir Mosey?) conducted a great campaign in the Autumn of last year, and the text of this campaign was "Mind Britain's Business".   He warned the politicians and he warned the people that if we failed to mind Britain's  business we should be humiliated;  that we should draw down upon ourselves the scorn and contempt of the World - and it happened, unfortunately. Our Leader's (Sir Moseley) prediction has been justified and, therefore, I have two charges to bring against the Government. They do not concern the justification of Mussolini or Abyssinia.  The two charges I have to bring are these.   (1)   Our Government had no right to disarm us until we had only a fifth rate Air Force, and a Navy that was scarily capable of protecting our own shores, much less of keeping open all the trade routes of the World.   The man who initiated the policy of Sanctions - Sir Samuel Hoare - left the Air Force at one fifth the strength he found it.  I have never accepted the doctrine that Britain should be disarmed when every country in the world bears arms.  On the contrary was, as a first class power, are entitled to first class arms.   Altogether apart from the Armies of France, Italy, or Japan, we are responsible for maintaining peace, law and order throughout → 

KV 2/245-3, page 72

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

one-quarter of the Earth surface and, therefore, if we are to survive - certainly if our voice is to be heard with any respect in the Councils of Europe - we must have first class army., and unless we have those fighting forces which are sufficient to gain us the respect of foreign powers it is far more dignified, far more useful, to preserve discreet silence than to threaten Italy.  The Government, on the contrary knowing that we had only a fifth class arms boldly declared that Mussolini was not to be allowed to enter Abbysinia, boldly declared that Mussolini must be forced to respect the authority of the League of Nations.  The Government knew we had not the arms to make the boost good, and the result was, as you all know, that we were ignored, treated with contempt (disdain), and whatever my sympathy might have been in this dispute I am not rejoicing at what has happened for the simple reason that is a moment of shame for Britain and for her people - because her politicians have spoken, they they boosted, they have vaunted (praised) their power  and our country has been absolutely ignored and exposed to ridicule.  All I have to say is that if our politicians had not disarmed us and, above all, if they had refrained from meddling (interfering)  in disputes that did not concern them, if they had given their attention to work and service in Britain, we should not have been the victim of the shame and the opprobrium (condemnation) that has come upon us.  It was said that we people spoke sincerely, that our word was to be taken seriously - never again will the word of Britain be taken seriously until she makes an end of the old political system altogether and entrusts her power to new men with a new spirit, who will never promise to perform anything that they have not the power to accomplish.  Sanctions, we know, have been applied. They have been applied very successfully - not against Italy, but against the people of Britain.  You are all perfectly familiar with the tragedy that has befallen Penarth, and you know→

KV 2/245-3, page73

                                                                    Crown Copyright

that that tragedy was precipitated (hastened) by the foreign policy of the Government. For the simple truth is that the coal markets which we formerly possessed in Italy have been transferred to Germany (AOB: quite logically, as strengthening relations between Germany, in casu, Hitler and Mussolini, should be financially balanced).  I do not know whether the present Government was so enamoured (hooked) of Adolf Hitler that it wished to make him a present of a market that formerly belonged to Wales (the part of the U.K. where Joyce just was speaking), but this is certain.  After we failed to supply Italy - after we refused to supply Italy with coal during the time of her need no longer.  We have not prevented Mussolini from achieving his objective, we have produced no effect whatever upon the dispute between Italy and Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), but we have taken away from South Wales the markets that were ours by right (really?), and the (British) Government has no compensation to offer you (South Welshmen).  I say this is a policy of applying sanctions, not against Italy by against ourselves, and sanctions are applied against our own people today, and they will be applied every day so long as the Government of Britain is dominated by international finance, which is only .... in a very thin disguise (cover). 

AOB: Italy invaded Abyssinia (Ethiopia) on a very cruel and aggressive way, using poisoning-gas and other, internationally illegal means! at the disposal

                                        The dispute between Italy and Abyssinia having collapsed we notice that the pacifist "New Chronical" has prepared for us a very pleasant little menu of wars for months to come.  It declared a few weeks ago that the Italo-Abyssinian dispute must be brought to a rapid close because it was necessary that we should use force against Germany to keep her in her place, and after this little adventure we were to place ourselves at at the disposal of Soviet Russia in order to resist Japan (AOB: The position of Japan was yet uncertain, as, during World War I Japan took the side of England. In my perception long-term initiated by Britain's offer that Japan may keep all of Germany's possessions in the Pacific, which later the US countered) but at least the German possession, on lease (think of Hong Kong) Tsingtau on Chinese territory)  Thus over victorious Army, having swept Mussolini aside, having reduced Hitler to a position of complete insignificance, might then proceed light and airly to conquer Japan in order that the world may be safe for Bolshevism and→

AOB: Reconsidering, and not realised when I started to transcribe Joyce's shorthanded speech, that it will proceed still for ca. 19 pages to come; which will be too much for most of you.

We nevertheless, have got an idea of William Joyce, comprehensive thoughts and arguments.

Considering his well chosen wordings and expressions indicating that he had been educated comprehensively, better than most politicians were.

I would like to terminate this section by the final page of this shorthand document.



KV 2/245-3, page 93

                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                        The meeting was conducted in a very orderly manner and was attended by approximately 150 people.

                                        During the period between the termination of the address and questions, Jack O'Neill addressed the audience and informed that that owing to the views of the 'powers that be' in Cardiff the Fascist organisation was not permitted to hold meetings in the streets of this City.  He therefore appealed to his audience to take advantage of this occasion and take away with them the propaganda published by the (B.U.F.) Organisation (of which William Joyce was, by then, responsible for propaganda)

The meeting terminated at 10.00 p.m.


            I am,



                                                    Constable No. 2 "D".


KV 2/245-3, page 93   (minute 1b)

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

                    Personal M.                                                                                                                                                                Sept.  21st    1934.

                    The following is an appreciation of W. Joyce from one (Mr. M/F?) who has known him for years:

                    William Joyce, 251a King's Rd.m   Chelsea.

                                M.A.  London University, Diploma in Psychology.

                                ex.- teacher Victoria Tutorial College, S.W.

                                ex.-member London University O.T.C.

                                ex-District Officer British Fascists 1923-25

                                ex.- Black and Tan.

                                Joyce is certainly a very complex character.  His birth, upbringing and early life would all contribute to this.  He is the son of Irish loyalists and was born and brought up in a very political atmosphere.  Ever since his earliest days he has been what I (likely Mr. M/F) think the Spanish refer to as "politico".   He left school at the age of fourteen or fifteen and more or less ran away from home tp join the Black and Tans during the Irish trouble (their fight to gain their independence from Britain).  He was with them for some time until he was sent home as being too young, and he saw battle, murder and sudden death at very tender age.  He was always been of a very precocious intellectual development, with tremendous personality and energy.  His greatest failing is mental balance is not equal to his intellectual capacity. As an Irishman he is naturally a person of very definite opinions and these opinions always tend towards extremes.  He is, for instance, a rabid anti-Catholic, and a fanatical anti-Semite.  He has decided tendencies towards absolute monarchy, absolute government, dictatorship etc., and underlying it all is that romantic streak common to all Celts which makes them doubly effective and doubly dangerous. It has been alleged that he is pompous, conceited little creatyre, but a tendency to agree with this should be weighed up against the fact that he has made his way in his own

KV 2/245-3, page 95

                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

small world entirely by his own effords and in the face of very considerable difficulties.

            In the first place, he is very small insignificant looking little man.  He had practically no early education. He was brought face to face with desperate situations and happenings even younger than the average junior officer in the war period, yet when he returned to England after the Irish trouble he commenced to educate himself and achieved comparatively brilliant successes.  He was as fanatical in his studies as he is in other directions, and several times during his scholastic career he reduced himself o the verge of a nervous breakdown.  However he secured an excellent degree with honours and other diplomas besides. 

            It was then (about 1927-28)  his intention to take up teaching as a profession with the object of breaking into politics, and with that aim in view he threw himself wholeheartedly into the Junior Imperial League and soon became one of their principal speakers in South London.  However, his natural aptitude (talent)  for intrigue, his abhorrence (hatred) of compromise, and his rabid opinions did not endear him to his more peaceful colleagues, and after much strife he resigned.

            He married, I think in 1927, a girl named Hazel Barr, whom he met during his time with the old British Fascists 1923-25, and has two little daughters aged six and four.

            Regarding his association with Fascism:  little need be said about his early efforts with the British Fascists. He was in charge of a district in Battersea, was untiring in his efforts and made himself so obnoxious (intolerable)  to the Communist Party that during the election of 1924 he was "razored" at one of Mr. Hoghen's meetings. (This he is not likely to have forgotten)

            He was one of the earliest to join Sir Oswald Mosley's B.U.F. (British Union of Fascists), and he has risen very rapidly until he now occupies a →

KV 2/245-3, page 96

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

seat at Mosley's right hand (this situation last until somewhere in 1937).  He probably has many traits (characters) in common with Mosley, though he would be a much more likeable character in many ways.  His political beliefs are probably very mobile, but it is considered that his fundamentals are quite sound.  I should not think that anything could occur to shake his basic patriotism and his violently opposed to what can be broadly described as Bolshevism.  In his Fascist creed (doctrine) it is thought that he tends towards the Hitler ideal rather than that of Mussolini. Under favourable circumstances or where he thought his own cause would benefit he would not certainly shrink from violence, but it would benefit he would not certainly shrink from violence, but it would not be unthinking, senseless, spectacular violence.  He has at times a very calm and cunning (astute) judgement.  He obviously has tremendous respect and admiration for Mosley himself, and it is probably Mosley's independence of spirit and courage that appeals to him.

            If Fascism were to progress in this country and become more powerful, then Joyce would be a man who would undoubtedly play a very prominent part in the affairs.  Should Fascism wane or become discredited anything might happen to him; for it is not thought that he has enough stability to make him accept defeat very gracefully, unless his personal aims could be definitely on lines congenial (amiable) to his mode of thought.

            His good and bad characteristics may be summed up as follows:

Good:    Boundless physical and morale courage considerable brain power; tremendous energy and application; well read politically and historically;  very loyal to his friends; a sense of humour; patriotic.

KV 2/245-3, page 97

                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

Bad:    Little stability due to over-developed intellect and Celtic temperament; very violent temper at times, at others extremely quite and calculating; a tendency towards theatricality; marked conspiratorial complex.  Celtic prejudices very deeply rooted; not to be swayed (influenced) by arguments where his inherent are touched.


Moral temperament:    As far as is known his moral temperament is no better and no worse than that of any other young man who is over-developed intellectually.  He does not appear to have any very marked major vices; he is a desperate smoker and as far as can be seen a fairly moderate drinker with a tendency towards wine rather than beer and spirits.  His code of personal honour is probably peculiar but very rigid, and would be intimately bound up with his personal likes and dislikes.

AOB: next, as we deal with William Joyce we have to accept that we also take notice of correspondence between him and Germans.

KV 2/245-3, page 98

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

                        30/VI/ 34

                                                                Dear Mrs. Bene,-

                                                                                Please convey my sincere apologies to Dr.   Kutschke for my failure to profit by his kind invitation to the Sommerfest.

                                                                                As a matter of fact, I was about to leave Chelsea towards 10 p.m., when I became engaged in some street fighting which demanded my presence.

                                                                                Believe me I am sorry to have missed the occasion.

                                Heil Hitler!

                                                        Sgd.    William Joyce

AOB: I suppose this occasion concerned the incident when William Joyce had been "razored" by someone in the street.

                    AOB: after considerations I have decided to leave-out a range opinions about William Joyce covering the pages 99 .. 106


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To be continued in due course


By Arthur O. Bauer