Replica (copy) of the antenna-polarisation-switch type HU220, to our Lichtenstein SN2 (reconstructed) testing table (Prüftafel) (Li.SN2, FuG220).

It took us several years before this task was ultimately commenced. We reproduced all as accurate as possible. Where, for example, gold was used we did so as well. I trust that by comparing both items you will get an idea of its complexity.


All photos taken by, and courtesy of, Adri de Keijzer NL


Please consider the circuitry of HU220 (Handumschalter): Hans Jucker's paper, at page 11!

On the right hand-side the original (borrowed) switch. Shown is the switch section which is to select the vertical or horizontal bearing mode of the CRT presentation



More detailed photograph. All contacts, plugs and other devices were made in our workshop and are an exact copy of the original


Shown is the HF switching section. The coaxial plugs are all made of copper plated steel (by galvanic means)


The low-pass filter-section on the left is the original low-pass filter feeding one of the antennas



Our copy of the low-pass filter section. The capacitors are of equal capacitance, but type (version) use a different colour


Finally, on the left the original and on the right our copy (replica)



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