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Chapter 1

Chapter 2  (23 December 2022)



KV 2/2128-1, page 1

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

Garnier Pierre Albert

KV 2/2128

PF 601069

AOB: I would like to to introduce this a bit curious document.


Mr. Garnier was the French Military Attaché in Stockholm.

The period we are interested in, is the time-frame between 1944 and the year 1945.


Mr. Garnier had been suspected by British - Section V, S.I.S. and S.O.E.


However, we will learn that quite some matters weren't judged rather professionally,

or when it reflected their state of the art of the concerned Services, they operated it quite poorly.


More like young man do - when whom still were lacking sufficient professional experiences.


This document relies quite heavily upon the interrogation of the German Diplomatic Attaché in Stockholm

Dr. Karl Heinz Kraemer.


Due to the rather poor micro-filmed reproduction, I would like to implement Karl Heinz Kraemer's own file series, in due course.

Please bear in mind: when I approached Kraemer's file series KV 2/144 ...   KV 2/157, about late 2015/early 2016 I copied this file series integrally, providing a pile of 2541 page copies!

His latter document series being luckily reproduced, in colour and it survived in a rather good fashion.


KV 2/2128-1, page 3



                                                                                                     Crown Copyright

            Name:  Garnier, Pierre Albert                                            (1a)

            Addresses:    French Legation, Stockholm                         (1a)


KV 2/2128-1, page 4 Attaché

                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Birth Place:

Age/Birth Date:

Occupation:    Attaché, French Legation Stockholm                    (1a)


KV 2/2128-1, page 7

                                                                                            Crown Copyright

D.D.G.  through D.B.

                    Pierre Albert Garnier, Attaché at the French Legation in Stockholm, who is believed on the evidence of Most Secret Sources to be a German agent (AOB: they did interpret the M.S.S. sources incorrectly; in casu, they wanted to see happen what was in their restricted, name it, limited perception; due to lacking inadequate "back-lash"), is about to pass through this country (the U.K.) on his way from Stockholm to Paris.  It is thought probable, that he will be in touch with his sister, Mademoiselle M.R. Garnier, during his visit, and it is desired to keep a watch on their conversations (placing hidden microphones in her house?).

                    An Application Form for telephone check is therefore submitted for signature, if approved.

B.1.b. (= M.I.5.)   18.2.45                                    Sgd.  A.F. Blunt


KV 2/2128-1, page 7b + 8a

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright


19.2.45    To G.P.O. re check                                                                    (4a)

19.2.45    H.O.W. (Home Office Watchlist) on Temple Bar  4676            (4b)

               Commander Senter (Commander John S.O.E.) came to see me on 17.2.45, with Major Thornley, to tell me about this case.  He had learned about it from his contact in Stockholm (likely meant S.I.S. section V) who in fact had handed over the agent who obtains the information about Kraemer to S.I.S. Both Senter and Thornley have had a conversation with Liversidge who seemed unaware of the fact that Garnier was the sidge who seemed unaware of the fact that Garnier was the local French representative of the Directeur Generale d'Etudes et Reserches (D.G.E.R.).  I said that this was news to me and I thought it might be news to C (Sir Stewart Menzies?). It obviously created quite a new situation.  S.O.E. are collaborating with the French here and in France in the training and dispatch of agents to Germany. Some of these may be going via Stockholm. If Garnier moves in ??? circles he may very well be told a lot while he is here and also while he is in France. If so, the whole of S.O.E.'s French plans may be disclosed to the enemy.  S.O.E. are therefore anxious to say something to their French opposite number in this country by way of a warning, and also to Colonel Viat who runs the training camp at Rambouillet. I said I would speak to C. (Sir Stewart Menzies?) about this as soon as he returned on Monday.

                Garnier is believed expected here on Tuesday 20th (February 1945).

D.B.   19.2.45       hand-written: B.1.G.                    Sgd Blunt


KV 2/2128-1, page 10

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

20.2.45            Result of telephone check on Garnier                                (6a)

20.2.45            W.S. from 29 re Garnier                                                     (6b)


                                Major Pierre Albert Garnier arrived in this country from Stockholm at Leuchars on 20.2.45.  He is proceeding to Paris.   There are strong reasons to believe that he has been helping the enemy, and it is possible that he may be carrying a questionnaire from them (on behalf of the Germans). He will probably be carrying a diplomatic bag from the French Legation, Stockholm, to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Paris.  I should be grateful if you would arrange for a medium search to be carried out when he leaves the country.  The object of search would primarily to see if he was carrying any questionnaire, but it would also be interesting to know whether he has any other irregular papers.

                                The matter is one of considerable delicacy since Garnier has diplomatic status and is in close contact with S.O.E.  If he has on him any papers which he claims were given him by any official British organisation such as S.O.E. and if he refuses to part with them, I should be grateful if the matter could be referred to me at once. It might in that case be necessary to prevent him from leaving the country while reference was made to S.O.E. to confirm his statements.

Here we encounter an obsessed service, which lost its sense for rationality. Compare it with the Bush Junior Administration in the early years of 2000s, where they took measures with in their minds, that they knew the true facts and the counter party must be considered stupid enough to behave as they did expect.

However, they were, after all, entirely wrong in their preliminary judgements; as we (and they) later will be taught.

Name it: behaving a bit infantile!  

                               The French authorities and the Foreign Office have been consulted in this matter and have no objection to the suggested course of action.

B.1.b. (M.I.5)    21.2.45                                                        Sgd. A.F. Blunt

KV 2/2128-1, page 11

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

21.2.45    Result of telephone check (intercept / telephone tap)                (8a)

22.2.45    Result of telephone check on Garnier                                          (9a)  AOB: Garnier visited his sister whom lived in London, her telephone connection had been tapped.

23.2.45    Result of telephone check (telephone tap) on Garnier.               (10a)  Thus an incoming telephone call

23.2.45    Result of telephone check on Garnier.                                         (11a)

KV 2/2128-1, page 12

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

24.2.45    Circular to S.C.O.s No. G 972 for Gardner                (12a)



26.2.45    Not from S.I.S. (M.I.6)                                                (14b)

28.2.45    B 6 (M.I.5?)                                                                 (15a)


KV 2/2128-1, page 13

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

2.3.45    Cancellation of telephone check on Garnier                (17a)    AOB: There might have existed objection to the fact the Garnier was a French Diplomat, and/or that the calls weren't relevant at least.

2.3.45    B 6  report on Garnier's movements                            (18a)    AOB: Thus he was 'shadowed' by personnel of the Secret Service.

2.3.45    Papers from S.C.O. Bovingdon and receipt of Garnier's papers.        (19a)   AOB: Garnier now at the airport leaving was forced to hand over this papers. This will have repercussions for those ordering this!

2.3.45    Report re Garnier at Immigration Officer's office                                (20a)    AOB: Apparently he missed his flight to France.


KV 2/2128-1, page 14

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

2.3.45    Report from Bovingdon of Garnier's examination                    (21a)

2.3.45    W.S. from 8 (designation of the one watching on Garnier?)     (22a)

4.3.45    Letter to G.P.O. (General Post Office) asking names of subscribers to telephone numbers found in Garnier's diary.        (23a)  (Quite a Diplomatic affront)

4.3.45    Note to Sir E. Reid (Foreign Office or of the Bank of England) re Garnier's £20 notes.        (24a)

4.3.45    Letter to S.I.S. sending papers found on Garnier.                                                                  (25a)

5.3.45    Notes from S.I.S. on papers belonging to Garnier                                                                  (26a)



AOB: apparently matters went not as had been expected.

As to continue their seemingly failed perceptions, they tried, we know also in vain, to get Dr. Karl-Heinz Kraemer (German Luftwaffe Attaché at Stockholm) to be interrogated on Garnier.


KV 2/2128-1, page 17

                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

            Major Ryde

            B.1.a  (M.I.5)                                                                                                                                                                                            (924   ↓↓↓↓   924return)

                    Section V (S.I.S. within M.I.6) are making a special request that priority be given in the interrogation of Kraemer to the subject of the Garnier case, since S.I.S. are now in serious trouble (due to their actually childish fixation - that Garnier was a German controlled agent; and all the Diplomatic turmoil in their 'ill perceptions' have caused) - as we anticipated - with the French, and would like whatever information Kraemer is able to supply about Garnier elicited as soon as possible.   If you get anything through from Camp 020 on Garnier could you pass it direct to Colonel Milne by telephone.

A.D.B.  (M.I.5)   31.5.45                                                                    for H.L.A. Hart.


KV 2/2128-1, page 18

                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

            D.4.C  further data deleted

                    The W.S. form 17 on Garnier can, I think, safely now be cancelled.  To avoid any possible confusion you may like to know that another man of exact the same name (Pierre Albert Garnier) has applied for a visa to come to this country, and may be expected to turn up fairly soon.  The papers about him are with D.4.a4 (M.I.6).  He can be distinguished from our friend owing to the fact that he was born on 18.10.1906 in Paris, whereas our man was born on 2.9.1906 at Bourges.

            B.1.b./AFB.   20.6.45                        Sgd. A.F. Blunt


KV 2/2128-1, page 23

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

Copy of Statement by Kraemer

Handed in on 12.9.45.

            Concerning "Bergmann" (supplement-Statement).

                    To find out the "Homme de liaison" between Onodera (Japanese Military Attaché in Stockholm) (KV 2/243   PF 603036) and Garnier. I may allude to the following:-

                    Since the beginning of 1945 Onodera had an Estonian employee in his household, Her description: age about 30 years; height, medium; hair black; eyes, dark; teeth good; stature, normal; languages Estonian, Russian, Swedish, German.

                    Onodera described her as "absolutely reliable".  I suppose he would not have done that if she had not known something about his Secret Service activities.  I think it more than probable that Onodera met "Bergmann" in his home, because I myself (Kraemer) frequently had my rendezvous with him there.  Also I remember that Onodera, when I called on him, frequently remarked:  Tomorrow "Bergmann" will come to see me here".

                    Onodera had further a Swedish secretary in his office, she did translating work for him.  I do not know her name but surely it is beginning with an "S".  She was said to belong to the Swedish Intelligence Service.


                    Camp 020    12.9.45.       Sgd. Kraemer.

KV 2/2128-1, page 24

                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Copy of Statement handed in by Kraemer on 11.9.45.

                    Concerning "Bergmann".

                                Referring to my former statement on Bergmann I declare that they are absolutely correct.  Recapitulation:

1.)    The name "Bergmann" is phonetic.  I heard from Major-General Onodera, the Japanese Military Attaché in Stockholm, who speaks a miserable German.  I think I am sure concerning "Ber", I am not sure concerning the following syllable, it could be "hold", "holz" and "mann", or something like that. I am not sure if Onodera gave me his informer's real name or a cover-name, in any case he mentioned several times that this agent of his formerly had been the last Military Attaché of Estonia in Stockholm.  I never saw "Bergmann",  as I will call this Japanese agent in future.  I may mention here that Major Wenzlau (both, Kraemer and Wenzlau once came from Ast Hamburg; whereas Wenzlau was higher in military rank than was Kraemer; albeit that Kraemer possessed a far higher Diplomatic position compared with Major Wenzlau; but they both were on friendly terms), deputy Air Attaché (Kraemer was the Air Attaché) at the German Legation in Stockholm, several times was present, when I met Onodera, and the Japanese military Attaché dictated or passed on the intelligence he had just received from "Bergmann"  In these cases the "Bergmann" originated from the French Military Attaché in Stockholm Colonel Garnier:  Onodera commented in the presence of Major Wenzlau verbally:  "Der Estnische Mil. Attaché hat von Garnier"  (The Estonian Military Attaché got from Garnier), or Onodera said: "Bergmann has from Garnier".  I neither saw Garnier nor had I myself nor agents of mine and secret contact with him of his office. Also I of course never received any intelligence from the Garnier circle through my secretary Miss (Nina) Siemsen.

2.)    When Abwehr I/Luft (I L Berlin) referred to the reports, the source of which was Garnier, they simply wrote or telegraphed (Fernschreiber):  "Garnier is to be asked" or "Get information from Garnier, etc".  This may not be understood as a proof of my personal contact of mine with Garnier and his office.. but it is nothing more than a simplification instead of the larger phrases "Try to get information via Onodera from Garnier or his office concerning etc ..." Abwehr I/Luft (I L Berlin) knew perfectly well that there was no direct contact between Garnier and me, further that this intelligence resulted by my cooperation with the Japanese Military Attaché (Onodera)

Camp 020,  11.9.45                            Sgd  Kraemer


KV 2/2128-1, page 28

                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright


            Under further pressure he he has now conceded that his first story, i.e. that he obtained all his intelligence from the Japanese General Onodera is untrue.  He now states that one of his principle sources was a Hungarian by the name of Anton Bela Grundboeck (formerly an Austrian-Hungarian; whom after Austria and Hungary separated, thus after their mutual defeat in 1918 - Grundboeck chose to become an Hungarian citizen) conveniently dies in 1944, and his present story sounds no more plausible that the first one.  In the process, however, he had admitted that there were also a few Swedish sources involved. (AOB, though, after Grundboeck's death Onodera became, nevertheless, an important source of information in to either direction).  In the process, however, he had admitted that there were also a Few (but quite fruitful) Swedish sources involved.

KV 2/2128-1, page 28b

                                                                                                                Crown Copyright


            Kraemer's Sub-sources.

                    Garnier returned unexpectedly to Stockholm (by-passing British territory) on June 24th direct from Paris. He expected to stay for a few weeks, returning thereafter to France.  Garnier has now admitted to the French Authorities that he maintained close contact with Colonel Rudolf Maasing (the same person whom Kraemer named "Bergmann" or that like), and there was an exchange of intelligence between the two of them.

                    Garnier also stated that Maasing had secured employment with the French Military Attaché's office in Stockholm for an Estonian professor by the name of Kasik.  It seems probable that Kasik is identical with Kraemer's source 28.  Kraemer has also stated in his interrogation that he knew Berthold was in close contact with am unnamed Estonian professor employed in the French Military Attaché's office analysing Russia and Baltic press etc.

                    Kraemer himself has not yet admitted to any connection between Garnier and Kasik and his (Kraemer's) sources 27 and 28 (Josephine) respectively.


Please bear always in mind: that with succeeding KV 2/xxxx PDF page numbers, you actually will proceeding in a reversed time order. The only exception being the successions of the minutes of meeting sheets - which are succeeded in a true time order.



(2)  (23 December 2022)

KV 2/2128-1, page 40a    (minute 36aa)  (reproduced British copy of Kraemer's report)

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright


                    Extract from Camp 020 report - Statement handed in by Karl Kraemer, captured German agent, entitled "The intensions of the Japanese Intelligence Service in Europe in the year 1945 and the special plans of General Onodera:

                    After the defeat of Germany, the break of the diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan, the unclear situation regarding Portugal and Japan, the organisation of the Japanese Intelligence Service will be concentrated on the two countries Sweden and Switzerland.  In the following I try to recapitulate the plans which Onodera had for his future work in this year, which affect neither more nor less the whole Japanese Intelligence organisation in Europe.

        2.    Onodera intends further to build out his contact to the French Military Attaché in Stockholm, Garnier, which he has via the former Estonian Military Attaché, Major Berthold.  Onodera told me in April (Kraemer left, together with his secretary per ferry from Sweden to Denmark about 20 April 1945; whereas Kraemer's wife remained in Stockholm), that Garnier should go back to France in the summer (1945) and take over a post in the French General Staff.  Onodera hopes that he can get more information, especially regarding the Far East, England and U.S.A., because French forces shall join the campaign in the Far East against Japan and the French General Staff will well be informed about the military situation there with regard to the interest of France in Indo-China (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos).  Besides the fact, if the Estonian Major Berthold always is in direct contact with Garnier, or if there exists a link, things are so far settled, that even the Estonian Major Berthold ill go at first possible moment to Paris.  The relation of Berthold to the French authorities in Stockholm are so good, that he will at once get a visa (Visum). All depends only on the opening of the old Swedish air line, Stockholm-Paris (as to by-pass British territory). 

KV 2/2128-2, page 41b

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

                    In the case that Garnier is in the Central Staff in Paris, Berthold even there, Onodera will hold his contact to the office of the French Military Attaché in Stockholm via another Estonian, who as Onodera told me several times is working in the office of the French Military Attaché office too.  This Estonian, whose name Onodera did not give to me, is an Estonian professor, who in Garnier's office has to deal with Russian affairs and Russian, Finnish, Estonian and Swedish press.  It may be of some interest, that Garnier chiefly was interested in information about the Soviet Union, that he is anti-bolsheik and surely uses the connection of Berthold (also known as Bergmann) and other Estonians in Stockholm as source for informations.  I don't doubt at the existence of this Estonian professor X, Onodera got through this source Estonian, Russian and French press material at an rather early date, which was of some interest. Onodera will try to build up his French-Estonian relations in the following way, as he declared to me:- 

    a)    Garnier to Paris in the French General Staff, more information about Far East, G.B. and U.S.A.  Perhaps Onodera will give Garnier further Russian material in exchange.

    b)    Berthold to Paris for holding the contact to Garnier, "that he works" and to build up, if possible an own organisation, based on Eastern European emigrants in Western Europe.

    c)    Link between Paris and Onodera this Estonian professor X, who will give to Onodera further all material he can get in the French Military Attaché's office in the same way he did it during the time when Garnier was now in Paris.

3. Onodera intends to send Estonian and if possible other Baltic people to U.S.A.  He said to me in March (1945), that Berthold had named two Estonian, who can go to U.S.A.  These people would get an American visa (visum) because of the intervention of their parents, relatives, the Estonian Legation in Washington.  In one case the visa had yet been given.  Onodera did not give the names to me, talked only about the problem to me.  The Estonians were prepared, one an engineer, they could handle, an FT, give their informations per wire and should work at the West and at the East coast of the U.S.A.  Main order:  shipping building program, aircraft carriers, sending of troops from the west coast to the Pacific.  Onodera himself does not have a radio

KV 2/2128-1, page 42c

                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

station.   He, therefore, tried to put the German wire authorities in.  I warned Onodera and said to him, that he must think matter several times over.  He postponed the plan for a few weeks, but came up again at the end of April 1945 (thus before ca. the 20th of April, as thereafter Kramer was forced to leave Sweden by ferry to Denmark).  I am sure that in the momentary situation, he will try it.

5. I hardly can believe that Onodera will try to come in contact with the Russians too (by then Japan and Russia weren't yet at war against one-another) . He has engaged himself in the Finnish and Estonian business so deep, by that these facts will be well known on the Russians side yet or very soon.  On the contrary, hw will try to force these sources to get exchange material for the Swedish and for Garnier, because he gets very few or no material from Tokio.  He is in close contact with a former Soviet diplomat in Stockholm Dimitrewski.  But this person is very controversial, one says he is a real anti-bolshevik, the other that he still is a Soviet agent.  He is still a Soviet agent.  He gave mostly diplomatical reports to Onodera, who financed him/ Sometimes I got from Onodera some reports concerning the relations between the Anglo-Americans and the Russians.  These were not very good, coming from the press.  I sent them to the (German) Foreign Office. (AOB: as Kraemer's status was being a Diplomat the German Foreign Office (A.A.) was his employer).   Perhaps Onodera will try to force Dimitrewski too, to give information about the military and political situation in the Far East.

. . . .

KV 2/2128-1, page 45   (minute 33a)

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright


                                                                                                    CX/12650/9729          dated 11.5.45  (Kraemer might even yet stayed in Flensburg


                                Dear Blunt,

                                        Have you any record of Marcel Alexandre Hery  (AOB: open for me stays, whether the CX/12650 covered Kraemer or Mr. Hey), born 19.12.1912, at present attached to the French Mission in Stockholm?

                                        Hery is known to have worked for Pierre Albert Garnier in Stockholm and was recently summoned to Paris by Garnier.  The French authorities in Stockholm have requested the British Air Attaché there (Stockholm) to support his case.

                                        The question now seems to arise of his being identical with the notional or factual Source 28 (Josephine) of Karl-Heinz Krämer's (Kraemer's)

                                Yours sincerely,

                                    Sgd. for Major P.G. Mason   (S.I.S.?)

Major A.F. Blunt,  M.I.5.

KV 2/2128-2, page 25    (minute 26a)

                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

                                Date 27.2.45


Minute Sheet.

                               Name being deleted as usually within S.I.S. documents head of the D.G.E.R. office in London, came to see me this evening and handed me the five envelopes enclosed herewithm together with a note on the case in his own writing.  he toled me that he was acting under instructions from again text being deleted who, as you know, recently discussed this case with C.S.S. 

            2.            Garnier has also in his possession a diplomatic bag he has brought from Stockholm, and I gather the intention is to allow him proceed with this, (This implies an international breach, a diplomatic mail bags should not be opened. Only people like S.I.S. didn't dare about international laws and did proceed. It was a dangerous breach, but when they would catch evidence it would be smoothed. But! they did not find anything and were in serious trouble as had been noticed in (924    924return) on the understanding that deleted maybe something like "the Foreign Office" will deal with it in Paris.  The French have made a cursory examination of four envelopes, but not the sealed one, which is believed to contain money.  The four examined reveal nothing to them, but they emphasised that they were not organised here for dealing with such matters and had made no attempt to look for the presence of secret inks, etc.  Nor, naturally, have they and background knowledge of the case. (The S.I.S. initiated childish behaviour did not bring the slightest evidence against Mr. Garnier!)

            3.            Garnier is somewhat concerned at the non-arrival of these letters, which had put in an outer envelope and sent separately addressed to await him with again some being deleted has told him that they have not arrived yet, but will probably reach him in Paris, and he name deleted does not feel there is any immediate danger of arousing Garnier's suspicions. (Oh, children of the great British S.I.S.)

            4.            Garnier emphasised, as is mentioned in personal note, that he could have come earlier through the facilities offered him, but he waited a fortnight until certain papers were ready, he wished to bring with him. (Oh, these Services amateurs!)

C.W.E.  27.2.45. (Home Office?)


KV 2/2128-2, page 31   (minute25a)

                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

            Dear Dick

                                I enclose the papers taken from Garnier. I am having a look up done on the few names connected with this country which are not official contacts, though I very much doubt if they produce anything of interest.  I will let you know any results in due course.  Perhaps you would let me have these papers back so that I may hand them to the French, (What a tremendous affront for S.I.S!)

                    Yours sincerely,  Sgd. A.F. Blunt

S.I.S.  Ryder Street.


KV 2/2128-2, page 36a + 37b

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

            Garnier has been landed on condition of direct transit to France at Leuchars on 20 fen. '45.  His Ordre de Mission was numbered 7116 and was issued in London 28 Feb. '45.

            Lt. Patson was the S.C.O. examining civilian passengers with H.M. I.O. and his statement regarding the censorship part of the examination is attached.

            I was informed of Mr. Garnier's presence in the control and at the conclusion of the I.O. examination I seared him in the presence of Capt. Long as witness.

            The search revealed the following items which had not previously been declared.

            1 letter, stated by Garnier to have been written by his sister and to be intended for his parents.  This was found in his inside left jacket pocket.

            1 diary, found in his top left waistcoat pocket.  This, Garnier was extremely anxious to take with him. He said that there were addresses in it which he must contact today in Paris and which were important.  he was informed that he could make a note of them if he wished. He did not, however, take advantage of his offer as I should have expected him to do if the remembrance of the addresses for today were of such importance to him.

            Search of his baggage disclosed 5 more letters which has not been declared and which were found in a writing portfolio.

            Garnier stated that he had signed the censorship declaration without understanding it.  It is inview of the assertion upon his part that Lt. Patston's statement is attached.

            Garnier did not refuse to be searched but as the search proceeded he became extremely angry, although he maintained a good self control for most of the time.  He stated that he had worked for the british in Stockholm for four years and had produced a great deal of information for them (S.I.S.).  He added that the treatment to which he was being subject was no encouragement.

            U.S. A.T.C. showed their usual cooperation by delaying the flight for approximately 20 minutes and Garnier embarked upon Flight 69 at about 11.20 hours.

            It would be interesting to know if Garnier has, in fact, no knowledge of English whatever as he maintained. I should have thought that a military Attaché who had been working with us in the sense that he :had produced a great deal of information for the British" would have had some acquaintance with English.

            The diary and letters impound from Garnier are enclosed with this report and with the receipts.

Sgd.  G.W. Bullock,

Capt. S.C.O. Bovingdon

AOB: Why wondering?  Nearly almost at, for example M.I.5, dealing with German Services - did not speak German language!


KV 2/2128-2, page 38    (minute 20a)

                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

            To Captain G.W. Bullock, S.D.O. Bovingdon Airport                Confidential.

M. Albert Pierre Garnier (French).

                    Mr. Albert Pierre Garnier (French), the subject of G. Circular 972,  24 February 1945,  and of telephone instructions from London Office, appeared at Bovingdon on 2 March 1945 as a passenger for ATC Flight 69 to Paris.

                    Mr. Garnier was brought into the Immigration Officer's Office, where Lt. Patston was with the I.O., in the usual way, and he produced a French Diplomatic passport as his travel document. It appeared, during the ordinary passenger examination, that Mr. Garnier had lately been French Military Attaché in Stockholm, had arrived in the U.K. at Leuchars Airport, and was now en route to the French Ministry of War in Paris.

                    Mr. Garnier had a diplomatic package, from Stockholm to Paris. This was correctly sealed, and he had a Lettre de Courier and British Letter of Facility, both given in Stockholm, and W.S. Form 29, given at Leuchars Airport, for this package.

                    Mr.    Garnier was asked whether he was taken to France any letters other than diplomatic package, and replied that he carried no documents, other than travel papers and the diplomatic package.

                    When the usual joint examination by I.O. and an S.C.O. was completed, Mr. Garnier was brought from the Immigration Officer's room to Captain G.W. Bullock's office.

Sgd.  G.C. Patston  (Lt)

AOB: ill expectations - that matters will automatically be smoothed when they ultimately caught the expected incriminating German questionnaire.

Though, they harvested diplomatic turmoil, due to their quite "childish expectations" about Mr. Garnier's true engagements. 

KV 2/2128-3, page 1   (minute 12a)

                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

            Confidential                                        Pierre Albert Garnier

            To SCO at Passenger Ports

            Circular No. G. 972 (the licence number of their operation)

            Last known location: France        (has just left UK)  (AOB: then the date below isn't correct)

            Nationality: French

            Present activity: Lately French Military Attaché in Stockholm

            Identity documents:  French Diplomatic passport.


            Action requested:    (incorrectly) Suspected enemy agent. He may attempt to return to the UK. (which Garnier prevented as he did not so) He should be held at UK port of arrival in spite of any diplomatic status he may claim.  This HQ should be consulted immediately, before any further action is taken.

PF 601069/B.1.b?D.4a5 (S.I.S.?)                                                                                                                        24 Feb 45

KV 2/2128-3, page 11    (minute 1a)  

                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

            Secret (S.I.S.)                         Topsec "U"

CX/12650/9729            dated 15.2.45


                    Dear Anthony  (Major Blunt) (M.I.5),

1.    In confirmation of our conversation to-day on Pierre Albert Garnier, the following are the salient facts in his case:

2.    Garnier is believed to be a member of the French Deuxième Bureau (French Secret Service) and to use as cover the position of Attaché (whatever one may consider, this implied a full Diplomatic status) to the French Legation in Stockholm.  As a result of investigations it is evident that during the last 18 months or so Garnier has, either consciously or unconsciously, acted as a source of information to the Japanese Intelligence Service in Stockholm. The material thus transmitted was primarily of a political nature but contained also a certain amount of military intelligence, mainly in the North African theatre.  The link between the Japanese Military Attaché, Onodera, who received this information, and Garnier was a certain Colonel Rudolf Maasig (in Kraemer's reports named: Bergmann of Berthold), Estonian national in Stockholm.     (They new already what evidently Kraemer told them after his arrest being correct!)

3.    The last development in this case has been provided by our new source in the Krämer (Kraemer) case. (AOB: this so-called new source was an (Czech) employee employed at the Fernschreib (Telex) Office inside the German Embassy. This man had been chartered, for a lot of money by S.I.S. Section V in Stockholm; since early January 1945.  This man provided the duplicates of all secret communications between the Embassy and the Berlin Foreign Office (A.A.).  Other interception was hardly possible, because all communications had been handled by means of cables, also crossing the Baltic See, up to Berlin.   

AOB: I have studied Dr. Karl-Heinz Kraemer's files comprehensively (2015.... 2017).  It might be a wonderful interlude to continue in, due course, with these most intriguing file series KV 2/ 144 ... KV 2/157 (covering 2541 pages)

From this it appears that on February 1st Kraemer reported to Berlin that some time in the middle of February "27" (actually one of Kraemer's mysterious secret source codes; there existed also a source "28" which was also known by Kraemer himself a "Josephine")  would be travelling to the "Heimat Dienststelle for the purpose of attending an Attachés Conference".  In view of this a full questionnaire was required for him (this was the S.I.S.'s perception, actually completely erroneously).

            Our Representative in Stockholm has reported that Garnier is shortly visiting Paris and has, in fact, applied for a transit visa for the U.K.  Garnier is to attend an Attachés Conference.  

4.    Source 27 (Actually Kraemer's cover code) is known to us as a source of Krämer's (Kraemer's) who (his copied secret messages) reports principally on French political and military affairs. If, therefore, you take into consideration Garnier's previous history, the fact that he is reported as an intriguer and Anti-British, and that on returning from his last visit Paris, a comprehensive report on his observation while in that city appeared in the Japanese Onodera's "MA" (Military Attaché's), then I feel that it is certain that Garnier and Source 27 are one and the same. (Ill perceptions, given by the way they obtained information of which context they were unable to distinguish what the meaning of expressions meant! Stolen information isn't always clear to judge; whether you like it or not)

5.    If you agree with para 4. above, the question arises as to what action can be taken in view of the delicacy of the sources involved.  The possible lines of action appear to be threefold: 

    (a)    Refusal of transit visa for the U.K. to Garnier.

            This will merely warn Garnier that he is suspected and will only serve to prevent a leakage of information from France and possibly the U.K. should ?? Garnier return to Sweden after visiting Paris via Great Britain.

    (b)    Arrest of Garnier on (re)arrival in the U.K.  (children; considering their infantile games)

            This is not, in my opinion, desirable. We have no usable evidence and I expect that there would be considerable difficulties vis-a-vis the Foreign Office as Garnier is travelling as a diplomat.  The French would have to be asked to waive Garnier's diplomatic status.

    (c)    Warning to French authorities.

KV 2/2128-3, page 12

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

            Of the three, I prefer this proposal. The difficulty of sources still arises, but I suggest (wishful thinking) that the French be informed in the following terms:- "We have received (stolen) information that Pierre Albert Garnier attaché at the French Legation in Stockholm is violently anti-British and anti-American in sympathy.  We have also received reports, which we have not been able to confirm although we believe them to be true, that Garnier is in touch with the Axis intelligence services in Sweden.  We suggest that Garnier be kept under closest supervision while in France, and it would be appreciated were he not to return to Sweden". (this will not happen)

6.    We have just received the first veracity check from S.H.A.E/F. on teleprints (stolen by a Section V agent spy, within the German Embassy's telex (Fernschreib) room) A. and B. of our enclosure to Hart (M.I.5) of 15.1.45 Ref CX/12736/28/V.S.6. concerning Krämer's (Kraemer's) material.  This appreciation. which Bill Shanks is sending you separately ruins true to form showing the information to be largely incorrect; the only true statement being that efforts are being made form a French 2nd Army.

7.    One must, I suppose bear the following two possibilities in mind when the Garnier ??? is being explored.

    (a)    That he is a notional source of Krämer's (Kraemer's) and Onodera's and does not actually pass information to the enemy


    (b)    he is being used by the French themselves for penetration purposes.

    On present information I am inclined to discount both these two possibilities, but they must remain as possibilities.

8.    Will you please let me know if you agree with suggested action in my para (c)?  We are informing Dick White (M.I.5) separately of the real background of the Garnier affair.

Yours sincerely,


Sgd by someone of S.I.S.

Name being, as usually deleted.

The rest is covering some cryptic nonsense on behalf of S.O.E.



AOB, I am re-considering whether we should continue with Dr. Karl-Heinz Kraemer's huge and intriguing file series;

please give me some time to think it all over - whether I should approach it again - or I shouldn't do it, after all.


By Arthur O. Bauer