UR Bildwandlerröhre

(IR image convertor)


We are desperately searching for any data about the application of a German Wartime Infra-Red image convertor type.


We might have possessed some data, once owned by late Fritz Trenkle.

But after a quarrel with late "Peter Aichner" from Brixen (Northern Italy), I might have preferred to keep - my honour myself - and have returned Trenkle's folder instantly, about 1997 (apparently, without copying it).


It might have included a file on behalf of late Mr. Ellissen.


Maybe, some of you might add to this unknown IR image Convertor.

Searching on the web, usually wartime gear being dealt with, some groups trying to win the last war still.

But, hardly any technical explication being dealt with.



Photo number 1

Please be aware of the quite hidden symbols deposited at the surface of this image convertor.



Please notice up on the left-hand side of the number 408 the frosted trade-mark like symbol: of which I suppose it might point at Fernseh A.G



May we recognise a symbol of BAL?

Please look carefully, in particular onto the hexagon border of the acceptance symbol.

The latter would imply, that it once had been meant for GAF application. 



I suppose the white screen might once have lightened "yellow and/or green", but any other suitable colour might have been maintained too



I presume, viewing at the entry of the Infra-Red spectrum window; actually constituting the system cathode

Maybe in the centre in the far background, we may view the backside of the fluorescent screen, once presenting the IR image.



The presentation screen of the invisible infra-red image



Viewing the Bildwandler (image convertor) tube from a bit different perspective; I compared the shape of this image convertor to the type once operated in the KM Seehund II infra-red "night viewing" apparatus

For further information please consider the two pages at towards the end of this webpage.



Its appearance is more stretched, than this example


Very kindly Heinz Trochelmann responded onto my forwarded query; with the following two post-war quotations:


A not yet answered query: in which apparatus type was our IR-Bildwandlerröhre once employed?


If someone can add information, don't hesitate hesitate to contact us at:


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By Arthur O. Bauer