Dimensioning of Directional


FIAT 610


21 March 1946


According to Dr. Kurt Fränz


A.M. Stevens

Joint Intelligence Objective Agency


This paper covers a resume of the basic dimensioning of directional antennas which in the last few years have been developed by Telefunken G.m.b.H. Berlin Sch10neberg October 27th 1945

By Dr. Kurt Fränz

Physicist and Engineer for Telefunken Laboratories


Keywords:    Antennas and Ranges; Dipole Directional Antennas; Slit Radiators; Di-electric Anetnnas (Polyrod as used for Naxos, AOB); Horn Radiations; Antenna Measurements; Questions of Matching: ... Telefunken Tannenbaum antenna with reflectors ....; Bechmann ... ; Gain ..; slit radiator in a cylindrical parabola .. ; Compensation of a dipole driven in  voltage resonance by a built-in 4  circuit according to Buschbeck; symmetrical chamber ....  



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