Expo Art and Techno, 22 October - 4 December 2022


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Status: 25 October 2022


Since, say, 2009 we wanted to combine our technical context with some kind of art, albeit, occasionally.

All endeavours were unsuccessful - as if no-one wanted to participate really; as for humans it is hardly possible to go beyond someone's concept of mind.


However, my wife Karin made it ultimately a successful endeavour; but it certainly wasn't easy.

She is a member of the Dutch Art Society "Sint Lucas"

Formerly she was also a member of the Society "Meerkunst", which, sadly, for practical reasons, had been liquidated.

Though, she kept contact to some of their latter members.

When the Corona disaster started about March 2020, all preliminary preparations for a combined Art-Techno exhibition had to be cancelled and/or postponed.


This disadvantage ultimately engendered a great, though, essential advantage; as after all: - the Local Counsel of "Ouder-Amstel" representing the communities of: Ouderkerk and Duivendrecht

is now participating in a combined exhibition.

They facilitate - in Duivendrecht's local "Dorpshuis":

the so-called '2 D' exhibits (paintings, drawings etc.)

whereas we in our Kloosterstraat museum facilitate '3D' exhibits but, within our own techno-historical context.

For it, we cleared in February 2020, our 'Secret Communications 3' exhibits, but we left the free-space as it is, as to keep space for Karin's Art-Techno exhibition.

But we had, necessarily, to wait until 22 October 2022, before the actual combined 'Art-Techno' endeavour could be opened for the public.

All photographs have been taken by our friend 'Sibylle Eichhorn'



A brief impression of the 'Openings Event' in the Dorpshuis (first)



The exhibition in the "Dorpshuis" in Duivendrecht was 'opened' by the 'Wethouder voor Kultuur' (Councilman for Culture)


Please notice: - that we have to rely upon the images sent to us by Sibylle Eichhorn.



Mees, a former colleague and good friend of wife Karin - managed that his fellow musicians enhanced the experience in the (local) 'Dorpshuis'



All the joining artist being professionals



Nissim's penchant are 'panoramic views'



Let us turn our attention to what has been created in our 'Klooster' Exhibition space.

Sibylle took here pictures more or less randomly; therefore I don't know where to start with, but I would like to follow Sibylle's picture successions, mainly.



After all, maybe, the best photos of Herman Deen's rather unique approach



Herman Deen's new creations are, in my perception, very interesting:

Normally, touching displays is strictly 'prohibited'.

But this is just what someone should do!

The whole atmosphere changes when you pull-out a single statue - exchange its position and/or remove it - or turn it as you like;

fore it there are even blank squares available.

It is astonishing to experience - that the entire impression/experience will change!

For example: Such as whether two dogs are facing each other - or one is crossing - or walking in front.



Maybe you get a better impression of 'what it is about'



Those viewing Herman's creations were very enthusiastic



The empty squares could be filled-up by means of dummies

In my perception a quite unique 'Art Concept'! 

Really - it is astonishing to notice what someone experience when only a single statue being removed - or turned a quarter or that like!  



Ellen Harmsma is not only fascinated by her wooden sculptures



Our technical artefacts aren't conflicting in this 'Art-Techno' context



Joke Janssen's statue is one of my favourite

Again the context is of high value

Up, hanging in the background, we see drawings made by Anneke Hohmann



Lively discussing Ellen's catalogue



Turning now towards the rear exhibition space

'Kaat and Ton in a conversation.



One of Mark Kohn's superb photograph on top of a wartime 'Rudolf' (UHF multi-channel telephony repeater) apparatus



Erik Timmermans' 'Cube Skyscraper' (partially)



My wife Karin in front, next to her the Chairman of the Art Society 'Sint Lucas'


Viewing on a 'big screen' the 'Video Art' my wife creates on her computer

Please notice 'Erik Timmermans cubic construction' in the background.

Such as, for an example:  https://www.cdvandtext2.org/indiaas-low.mp4





Josť's creation shouldn't be neglected!



This is the way it should be



Anneke Hohmann in a vivid conversation with the 'Sint Lucas' Chairman



Mark Kohn, photographer - a good friend of us



Viewing an old fashioned 'U-Boat transmitter' and a 'mercury-rectifier'  through a sculpture created by Kees Reek


My wife Karin and her very good friend Kaat



Josť Samson in discussion with a colleague



Terminating today with another perspective of one of Josť's statues

viewing in the direction of our kitchen and on the rear wall an exhibition of various valves types

(sorted in a kind of alphabetic order)


By Arthur O. Bauer