This page shows some exhibits of our, due to be digitized, registration-forms.

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Status: 3 January 2015


Owing to lack of time, we have made some registrations available in a briefed form, which are being marked with *

1994001T    M1K = AS60, magnificent transmitter, purchased by the Swiss Army 1943/44

1994002        MÜG. Marine (Morse-Übungsgerät) (Kriegsmarine 1940/1942)

1994003M4    Schlüssel M4 (Schlüsselmaschine M4) U-Boot Enigma type M4 (4 rotors)Arvhive displays

1994004U     Ulm E53 Luft-Boden-Einheitsempfänger (new)

1994005*    LWEa

1994006*    G 1,2 K

1994007*    MWEc

1994008*    80 WSa

1994009*    15 WSEb

1994010*    Torn Fu. b1

1994011*    Torn Fu. d2

1994012*    S 406 S/36

1994012a*  VFO (variable frequency oscillator) of S 406

1994013*    Feld Fu.f

1994014*    Feld Fu.b

1994015*    Feld Fu.c

1994016*    Fu.HE.b

1994017*    Fu.HE.c

1994018*    Fu.HE.d

1994019*    Fu.HE.e

1994020*    DR78

1994021*    Fu.HE.u

1994022*    Torn Eb

1994023*    Torn Fu.g

1994024*    Mienensuchgerät Wien 41

1994025*    Hls a

1994026*    AE1020

1994027*    Samos RS1/5 UD42a

1994028*    Fanö (Fanoe) RS1/20DM43

1994029*    Lo40K39d

1994030*    G-Schreiber T 52d

1994031*    R3 Radione ontvanger

1994032*    RS20M

1994033*    FuG25a (IFF)

1994034*    EZ6 - APZ6

1994035*    Hütte II Peiler (Hüttenpeiler)

1994036*    Ha5K39b

1994037*    Lo1UK35

1994038*    Ehrenmal Lo800FK35

1994039*    DMG3aG Rudolf (RFV)

1994040*    LiSpr.80 (Lichtsprechgerät)

1994041*    DMG2T Elster

1994042*    T8PL39 Martin

1994043*    Lo70KL40

1994044*    SMLK Leistungsmessender

1994046*    LOG1 (Luftfahrt-Oszillograf)

1994047*    STMG 1867-1868 Störsuch- und Messgerät

1994048*    ACR (antenna capacitance meter)

1994049*    K126SII - K126 Rö - Fremess a (wavemeter)

1994050*    VLUK Leitwertmesser (Admittance measure apparatus)

1994044M    Magnetic mine flux-deviation detector and event counter  

1995001W    ANG 62, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) radar display

1995002W    EAG 62, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) fine range measuring unit

1995003W    SÜ 62d, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) transmitter and receiver head (TX and RX)

1995004W    IG 62, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) impulsmodulator   (auxiliary-gear NEG62)(new)

1995005W    ZFV 62A, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) IF amplifier stage

1995006T    Sender T 200 FK 39a, U-Boot-Sender (south Atlantic & to Japan) Arvhive displays


1996001    FB11, Funkbeschicker, Patin, navigation,  see also archive displays

1996002P    PT 10, Prüftafel 10, Test frame(set) FuG 10

1996003    EO509/III, Lorenz universal receiver 14,7 - 21430 kHz see also archive displays


1997001    FuHE f (FuHE-f), Funkhorch, see also archive displays

1997002N    Naxos, FuG 350Z, polyrod, dielektrischer Stiehstrahler, secondary radar


1998004T    Tonschreiber b1 (taperecorder, 1944)

1999001 No longer part of our collections, being exchanged  for a Korfu receiver. Which new number will be, in due course: 2008001     Mischgerät, programmable analog computer of the German  "V 2" (=A4), see also archive displays. Owing to its exceptional rarity, however, I have decided to keep all related information available on this website!

1999002K    Knickebein FuG28a (Fu G28a) Ln28900, Battle of Britain device, see also archive displays

1999005    Tonfrequenz-Spektrometer, LF spectrum-analyzer, Rel.mse.2030a, Siemens&Halske


2002001*    Nedinco Afstandmeter (stereo basis)

2004001B    Berlin radar display, Sichtgeraet (Berlin Sichtgerät), SG 224, FuG 224

2005001      Brown Microphone Amplifier

2005002    Cambridge Type: Campbell-Vibration Galvanometer (Schering vibration devices)

2008001    Korfu E351

2011001N    Nachtfee and the entire reconstruction of the system


2012004KZ    Kurszentral KZ 14 Patin

2013001V1    V-1 Kurssteurung Gyrozentrale (Gyro System

2014001    FuPeil E-3 Funkpeilempfðnger E 3

2014002    Schwabenland Empfänger Ln 21021

2014003    S10K3 and E10K3  FuG10-SK3 + FuG 10 EK3

2014005K12    Seehund 127 Bootstyp K12 Marine-Adaptiert

2014006APS    APS-15A Meddo ähnlich



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