E 10 K 3

Also known as EK 3



Type number sticker or lable of E 10 K3 (E10K3)

Geräte Nr. 124-108 H 2 Curious low number, which might indicate that its design goes back to the early stage of the war.

Werk Nr. 428132 (encrypted production number)

Anforder Z. Ln 26594-5 (GAF stock-number)

Since 1941 the GAF introduced type number transfers (stickers) which cannot be removed without destroying them. German plates often provide a range of information, which have been targeted by British special services, like the one of the Bruneval raid.

Its manual is D.(Luft) T. 4005/4


Frequency range equal to S 10 K 3

Being: 5.9 - 18 MHz covered in a signal range



E10K3 front panel

Its layout is similar to the regular FuG 10 concept.



Cover being pulled off. Viewing the top section

Please notice valve Rö 7 (likely the oscillator valve), where its base is being screened by means of a plate.



Top view, but now the screening plate of Rö 7 being pulled outwards


Please notice on the right module 428132


The foresaid module, valves Rö 5 and 6 being screened off



Covering lid being lifted

By means of releasing the four corner screws the module can be detached from the receiver chassis.



Module being opened



Die-cast cover-lid viewed inside



Side view of the previous module



Viewing the module from its base side with the connectors



Viewing the receiver chassis where the just shown module was removed from

Mahle was a major company for making accurate magnesium-aluminium die castings.

Bu 3 is indicating that this section can be separated from the front section



Viewing the bottom section of the E 10 K 3 receiver



Cover plate being removed

Filtering and neat constructions is a typical German feature.


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