The Story

of the

Famous Raiding Cruiser


Prince Franz Josepf von Hohenzollern

issued ≈ 1926


The Emden was the ship from which the landing squad escaping by means of the Ayesha originated.



Prince Francis Joseph of Hohenzollern


The Cruiser SMS Emden

Occasionally Emden erected an fourth (fake) funnel, suggesting (being) an Allied like warship.


Its Commander in charge was:


Captain von Müller


Keywords: Ships engaged: C.S. Leiss; Rjãsan; Kormoran sn older cruiser; Prince Eitel Friedrich of Norddeutscher Lloyd; Markomannia of the Hamburg America Line; Königin Luise the well known pleasure steamer; Amphion; English ship Empress of Japan of the Canadian Pacific line; Titania companion ship of the squadron; Scharnhorst - Gneisenau; Prinz Waldemar; Holsatia; Mark; York, Staatssekretär Krätke; Gouverneur Jäschke; Longmoon; German mail steamer of the Norddeutscher Lloyd the Princess Alice gold capture; Minotaur; Hampshire; Geier; collier Bochum; Tannenfeld collier; Tromp Dutch battleship; Indus; Lovat 6,012 tons British; British ship Kabinga 4,657 tons; English coaling-steamer Killin 6,000 tons of Indian coal (always of poor quality!, AOB); Ponoporos; English steam ship Diplomat 7,615 tons loaded with 10,000 tons of tea; Italian steamer Loredano; Dandolo and Italian ship; Ship Trabbock 4,028 tons a collier; Clan Matheson an English ship 4775 tons; Tymeric; English steamship Gryfevale 4,437 tone from Aden to Colombo; Danish motor ship Fiona; English collier steamship Buresk 4,350 tones loaded with 6,600 tons first class Cardiff coal headed for Hong-Kong captured; British steamship Ribera 3,500 tons; English steamship Foyle 4,147 tons; Clan Grant 3,948 tons; English ship Ben Mohr 4,806 tons; Spanish steamship Fernando Po; English steamship Troilus 7,562 tons captured as collier; English ship Exford 4,542 tons; St. Egbert; English ship Chilkana 5,220 tons;  Jemtschug Russian light-cruiser; French destroyer d'Iberville; French destroyer Mousquet    

Keywords II: we were to arrive on August 12th. (book page 27, is not equal to the pdf page number); Lauterbach; Tsingtau; Tanah Jampeia; Kapitä von Müller to use the ship (Kabinga) as a despsitory for the crews of the ships we had sunk (book page 77); As reported by the Italian Steamship Lorendano, the German cruiser Emden has sunk the Diplomat, Kabinga and Pontoporos... The Italian captain had not kept his word. A breach of faith and rank betrayal .. (book page 89);  attack on Madras oil storage; Emden ran into the harbour of Diego Garcia on October 9th;  Attack on Pulo-Penang harbour;  Map of Emden operations about Cocos Islands - North Keeling and South Keeling (bookpage in between 208-209); captivity on Malta


Please consider also the story of the escape of von Mücke's landing squad onboard the Ayesha


By Arthur O. Bauer