Deckname Würzburg New


 Since about the year 2005


Current status: 24 December 2022


I have not changed the odd way my book:


Deckname Wuerzburg (Würzburg)

had been reproduced.

My book had been published in 1992


In those days our maximum website data space was limited up to 50 MB only!

Since, the web has changed tremendously.

Nowadays, we possess an access space of 50 GB.



It covers technically, the FuSE 62/65 systems descriptions, incorporating also the E.C.M and E.C.C.M. techniques operated by the Germans

Which is known generally as Würzburg radars

Shown above is the small version



I have been photographed Gerard Vos, during the occasion of "Secret Communications 3" on 16 November 2019


Deckname Wuerzburg new scan




By Arthur O. Bauer