CIOS File No. XXX-36

Report on

Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt

June 1945

Reported by:

R.H. Ranger, Lt Col Signal Corps U.S.

on behalf of


CIOS Target No. 1/441

Radar (although, radar is not directly covered, AOB)

This institution was known as PTR and equals the US Bureau of Standards

Succeeded nowadays by PTB of the German Government


Keywords: Personnel interviewed; Condition; Recommendation; German Bureau of Standards at Zeulenroda**; Centimeter and Millimeter Wave Length Radio Receivers Developed in the High Frequency Laboratories of the German Reich Physico-Technical Institute; Report Concerning Magnetrons Developed in our (their PTR, AOB) High Frequency Laboratories and Their Use - By W. Schaffeld; Target Physico-Technical Reichsanstalt - By U. Adelsberger; Quartz Crystal Clocks and Their Further Development; General Plant and Accuracies Obtained in Measurements Made with Beat Frequencies and Sound Frequencies on High and Ultra-High Frequencies; The Frequency Divider Test Equipment of the Phys.Tech. Reichsanstalt; Frequency Multiplication by Rectifiers; Harmonic Wave Transmitter for the Measurement of Very High Frequencies; Desciption of Construction of the Harmonic Oscillators Used at the Reichsanstalt; The Rod or Standard Wave Meter of the Reiichsanstalt; A. Scheibe; V. Adelsberger; H. Helmholz; H. Hoyer; W. Schaffeld; Dr. Kebbel

**Zeulenroda was a place in Thüringen (Thuringia) and the institute was moved (evacuated) to there as the PTR Institution of Berlin was in danger to be bombed. The U.S. Armed Forced evacuated their equipment including their staff members to Heidelberg in the U.S. military sector, before the Russian Troops occupied this sector. The Americans had advanced faster than was planned and took advantage as to lay their hands on as much possible. They even dismantled huge industrial tools, like from the very important sites of Leuna and Bitterfeld (one of the biggest chemical sites in the world!). There exist also a report from the Heidelberg PTR Institution, which will be put on the web in due course.



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