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Attached to every aircraft manufacturing plant was a body known as a Bauaufsicht Luft (Aircraft Construction Supervision) (I would designate is being also the acceptance authority, AOB) for the purpose of inspection and quality control. In 1942 industry suggested that the duplication of inspection and quality control and government inspection be eliminated or drastically reduced, pointing out that they were capable of inspecting their own work. The government eagerly agreed to this program, visualizing the release of badly-needed manpower. Therefore, in December 1942, Field Marshall Milch issued order 517 to Ball to discontinue their operations in matter of inspection, transferring the responsibility for number of BAL personnel from 2000 to less than 1100. However, quality of product decreased so markedly that, with the establishing of the Jgerstab, on March 1, 1944 order 517 was revoked and BAL resumed its qualityquality inspection in aircraft with a total personnel numbering about 3000. 




Keywords: Spare parts provisioning; spare parts distribution; concurrent delivery of spares; stock records; Aircraft spare parts provisioning was originally in the hands of the RLM (German Air Ministry), but in 1941 and 1942 large surplus stocks of spare parts were accumulating .. ;maintaining of proper stock levels was therefore turned over to the respective aircraft companies .. ; A teem composed of spares engineers ... ; This resulting in the company over-provisioning to such a degree that in August 1941, upon investigation by the newly formed TLR (Technical Air Equipment), it was found that over 600,000,000 RM worth of spare parts were then on hand, a considerable quantity was outmoded and of no value ... ; Dr. Heyde Chief of Main Committee for Aircraft Instruments had created a huge stock of spare instruments in rear storerooms ... ; The monetary value of spare parts with relation to production aircraft was originally established .. ; Lufthansa - LZA - Luftpark ...; Eisgasten (Rail Issuing Stations .. Motgasten (Truck Issuing Stations .. ; Spare parts had apparently been delivered in a satisfactory manner (in excessive quantities if anything) ... ; A severe shortage existed in replacements for the forward fuselage gun section and in wings for the Me262 ... ; .. conditions became critical during 1944-45 that the Werft were authorized to fly a plane to the manufacturer, requistion a part, sign a receipt for the same and return with the part to the base .. ; Stock records an elaborate system of maintaining stock records and perpetual inventories was established, making use of the Hollerith card system (IBM). records were forwarded from the Gast and Luftpark ... ; This was another case of god stsem being poorly administered ... ; Bauaufsicht Luft (Aircraft Construction Supervision) ..; conclusion ..; Diagram of German Aircraft Supply System



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