Institut fur Physikalische Forschung Neu Drossenfeld


fur should be: für!


Visited 30 June 1945

Reported by:

Mr. Walter Hauz, U.S. Ordnance


CIOS Target Nos.    1/725 & 6/109


Directed Missiles


Keywords: This institution worked on a television type homing device before American occupation, and tested it successfully .. ; The target was assed on 1-2 June 1945 by Capt. R.A. Wright and Lt. G.E. Gross, a CAFT Group II team ... ; They visited the spinning mill to the north of Bayreuth ... (Neu Drossenfeld); ... to investigate the target by G-2 T Branch, 12 AG Hq interrogated these men on 19 and 20 June. The demonstration was not yet ready, but some schematic diagrams ... ; The writer, believing that the device justified some investment, urged that demonstration plans be continued .. Means for sponsoring the work to prevent disintegration of the organisation before a demonstration can be given were discussed with the commanding officer of G-2, Ninth Armored Division at Bayreuth. He was very willing to cooperate with all means .. .. but was unable to authorize susistence wages for the employees on the project. Third Army Forward and Rear, G-5 were also unable to authorize this, so action must originate on a higher level; Dr. Rambauske apparently became interested in an automatic electric eye in connection with his astronomical and electron optical work in 1939 ... ; During his employ by Gollnow and Son, 1939-41 he did some work on it with the cooperation of Firma Fernseh GmbH on the iconoscopes. No immidiate success was met at Gollnow let it drop. In 1941 he became employed by Askania A.G. as scientific consultant and head of a small department for high frequency work. At this time he took up the project again because of general progress in the field; He worked at the berlin plant of Askania until it was bombed out in 1943. The project then moved to a branch at Stagard/Pomerania (Pommern, AOB). Dr. Gerlich of Zeiss-Ikon Dresden was now doing the work on the iconoscopes. Some government decision removed electronic work from Askania, which was primarily a mechanical device manufacturer (gyroscopes). It was proposed to transfer the project to Zeiss-Ikon, but this could not be arranged, so a separate organization was created, with Dr. Rambauske as leader and was named Institut für Physikalische Forschung. This organization received its money and men from the RLM and the Arbeitsfront and was, along with many other similar small institutes, under the supervision of the Gesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung. The latter had headquarters in Berlin and was headed by Dr. Lafferentz ... ; work was engaged at Kulmbach .. ; Rambauske destroyed completed models as ordered by the germans, but retained incomplete apparatus and some iconoscopes; The device had allegedly been successfully tested on the Madusee near Stargard/Pomerania (Pomern, AOB) ... ; History of Dr. Rambauske born 18 March 1911 in Breslau, moved in 1923 to near Stettin, where all his family .... Attended Gymnasium the Universities of Würzburg, Munich Göttingen and Berlin, where he studied mathematics, physics, astronomy and music. He stayed for a year at the astrophysical Observatory at Potsdam and took his docorate under Professors Grotrian and Guthnick in 1938; Dr. Krohs worked on screen materials; servo motors ...  



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