German Die-casting Plants



18 May - 2 June 1945


Reported by:

CIOS Item No. 21



Keywords: Report on Mahle K.G. (Fellbach); Perport on Aluminium* und Metallgieserei Mossner & Thurner; Report on Robert Bosch Metallwerk Feuerbach; Report on J. Duderstadt Metallgieserei, Esslingen; Report on Vereinigte Deutsche Netall werke A.G. Hedderheim; Report on a vistit to Metallgesellschaft Frankfurt; ... German die-casting industry is chiefly confined to two  (2) areas, namely berlin and Stuttgart-Munich, and it was not possible to inspect the Berlin district all subsequent remarks should be considered as referring to the latter area... (The Russian were solely in charge of Berlin; the Allies entered later after US resetlement and their retreat from Thüringen and Anhalt, AOB) ... Mahle considered first-class ... ; Oberingenieur mayer .. Obermeister Kempf - - Kontrolleur Rossle Betriebsleiter Kohler .. he was said to be a prisoner of the French .. ;  ..  


In the original text gave Aluminum but is the American way of writing and could never have been the German word, AOB.

It is to be said, that spelling is sometimes apparently incorrect.


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