Manufacture of Metallized

Paper Capacitor Units

Robert Bosch, Stuttgart



Reported by:

Fred E. Henderson, U.S.

on behalf of the

U.S. Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee


CIOS Target No. 1/112


July 16, 1945


Keywords: Target Dispersal plant; The main plant at Stuttgart is probably 98% destroyed, however, they have about 60 Dispersal plants located withing a 50 mile radius of Stuttgart; personnel interviewed: Dr. Wild Director of research - Dr. Dipper Assistant director of research - Dr. Dorn research specialist on fixed paper capacitors; Several years ago Robert Bosch Company undertook the development of fixed paper capacitors which had the metal foil used in the conventional fixed paper capacitor replaced by the application of very thin metallic coating directly onto the paper dielectric. This company has produced many millions of these condensers for use in both  alternating and direct current circuits with very satisfactory results. .... capacitors which are about 40 % smaller than the paper and foil type and which could be produced at 20% reduction in cost ... ; The metalized paper condenser heals automatically (known as MP technique, AOB) .. ; The metallized paper condenser uses kraft paper .... ; The condensers as produced by the Bosch Company are of the extended foil type ... ; Recoomendation A company who contemplate undertaking the manufacture of metallized paper ... note An effort is being made to have the metal vaporizing machine removed from The Bosch Plant (regarding it thus being a Trophy of War, AOB) and delivered to Signal Corps Radio Laboratories, Fort Monmouth, N.J. See attached copy of Dr. Glasgow's letter to major General V.L. Van Deusen dated July 23, 1945 ,,, ; It is recommended that SCGSA be requested to investigate the information ..U.S. Embassy, F,M.A. APO 413 New York



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