Messrs. Steeg and Reuter

Bad Homburg



5 June 1945


Reported By

Wing Commander A.S. Radford,    M.A.P.


Col:    A.J. Angus

Col:    A.J. Philpot

Lt/Commander     C. Wright



CIOS Target Numbers 1/655, 7/160, 9/325

Radar. Signals Communications

Physical and Optical Instruments and Devices


Keywords:    Wartime activities of firm .. Present condition of laboratories, technical aspects Transvers Oscillations, Determination of Axis, Artificially grown crystals; As a result of information obtained from Messrs Leitz of Wetzlar ... ; The party was conducted around the laboraties by Dr. Reuter and his brother who had been in charge of the grinding department. Dr. Sobel who had been in charge of electrical laboraties and quartz crystal assembly was also interrogated ... ; The firm has been engaged during the war almost exclusively on the production of piezo electric crystals for frequency control and for pressure measurement devices. Rock salt prisms and polarisation equipment for infra-red experiments have also been produced. .. Three houses on the Kurdorferstrasse in the North West of the Town-House the laboraties ... The firm is owned as to 50% by Messrs. Leitz of Wetzlar and as to 25% each of the two brothersm woth of whom are working directors.  .... 6000 quartz crystals per month and 10,000 Rochelle salt crystals per month ... the shortage of of good quartz has led to the development of methodes for the most economical use of material available ... Present Condition of Laboratories ... The buildings have sustained no damage due to hostilities and the plant has been re-assembled .... Considerable stocks of quartz (about 1 ton and Iceland spar are available.  ... The staff of 250 workers ... Determination of Axis The brothers Reuter demonstrated methodes of determining the electrical axis of crystals with hydrofloric acid ... with flowers of sulphur sprinkled .. .. Transverse Oscillators Dr Sobel showed the method of construction of wafer crystals ... Supersonic Devices ... 



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