Electric Valve (Tube) Factories

Helmbrechts and Minden



Reported by

W/C G.L. Hunt    M.A.P.

Mr. C.A. Hachemeister    U.S. Eng.

F/Lt S.J. Borgas    M.A.P.

Visit 26th April 1945


CIOS Target Numbers  1/271 c, 1/480



Keywords:    Types of valves manufactured; Related to TeKaDe ...; Hammerwerke Philips Plant Minden ; The lacal manager is Dr. Keller and his office is in Adolf Hitler Strasse .. ; A thorough examination was made withe the assistance of one of the employees .... ; The factory was fully equipped for the manuafcture of radio receiving valves. The area occupied was two floors and part of the ground floor .. About 300 persons were employed altogether which would give a totoal output of 4,000 -5,000 valves per week .... ; The valve types which were being manufactured were: RG12D60 (wrongly written RG1260! AOB) RL2T2 (incorrectly 2T2) RL12T15 these types all have been in production in Germany for a long time .. ; shock testing .. Documents and valves evacuated through arly channels .. ; Operators worked 12 hours a day for 7 days a week and on ... ; The plant which was in good condition consisted of the usual machinery .. ; Connections with other Factories in Germany .. ;  ... Production took place with about 1200 Jewish girls from Poland, Hungary and Holland, who lived in ...



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