Dynamit A.G. Troisdorf


Survey on 28 April, 1945



Reported by

M.F. Fogler    U.S. Civilian    CWS, Hq. ETOUSA

Francis J. Curtis    U.S. Civilian    CWS, Hq. ETOUSA

12 May, 1945

CIOS Black List Item - 22

Miscellaneous Chemicals


Keywords:    General Dr. Müller died on 4 April, 1945, and his place had been taken by Dr. Habbel. Dr. Mienes is in charge of the Plastic Section. The plant had escaped bombing until 29 December, 1944, and was severely damaged that it has never operated since ... ; Dynamit A.G. has in all forty plants were directed from Troisdorf. The Troisdorf plant had 9,000 - 10,000 workers of whom 2,000 were foreigners. In peace time 50 research men were employed, which complement had been reduced to ten by drafting for the army. ..; Plants outside Troisdorf:

* Malchow near Mecklingburg    * Operated by German Government

* Wolfratshausen near Munich    *       "

Forde a/d Lenne near Olpe

Empelde near Hannover

Grünberg, Silesia (Schlesien, now Poland, AOB)


Krümmel, Hamburg

Düneberg, Hamburg

Plastic Section: Dr. Miened was relatively cooperative but continually denied knowledge of any details .... ; Cellulose Vulcan fiber is cellulose hydrated by zinc chloride used for self-sealing gasoline tanks ... ; Collon (Cellon??) is cellulose acetate for I.G. Dormagen and is used for gas masks ...

Phenol-Formaldehyde .. all kinds of phenol-formaldehyde resins are manufactured ..

For large moldings a Novolak resin is beaten with soda in a Hollander beater ...

Laminates are made with both phenol and urea resins and of paper, cloth, and wood ...

Thiourea is used with urea because ...

Melamine is too expensive to be used alone ...

Polystyrene .. There are two types of polystyrene obtained from I.G. Ludwigshafen ... Block polymerized .. Dr. Mienes stated ...

Polyvinylcarbazole - Luvican .. Luvican was generally unsatisfactory for injection molding ...

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC, AOB) Vinidur is polyvinyl chloride without plasticizers used particularly for chemical apparatus ..

Mipolam  There are several types of mipolam i. Plasticized PVD - ii. Copolymers of PVC and acrylic esters - iii. PVC and maleic esters ...

Polyamides ... The Nylon type polyamide melts at a very high temperature like polyvinyl carbazole ..


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