Etablissments ORA-GRANDIN

M. Chauchat, METOX



Reported By

F/Lt. D.C. Nutting    R.A.F.

Sub/Lt Long    RNVR

Sgn/Lt Gray    RNVR


Date of visits 28 - 30 August 1944


C.I.O.S. Target Numbers 1/35, 1/34, 1/23



Keywords:    1/35 ETABLISSEMENT ORA - Grandin Rue des Entrepreneurs, 96 Paris 15e; Mr M. Ponthieux; orders placed by Marine Abnahme Kommando Paris VIII Boulevard Haussmann 79 .. Receiver R 600 was built to German specifications and covers 106 to 230 MHz the contract between O-G and Metox ..

1/34 METOX, Rue Pelleport, 104 bis Paris 20e   and 1/23 CHAUCHAT, 124 Rue Reamur, Paris 2e     Chauchat managing Director - Anre Corriez Technical Director   Ransom, Chartered Accountant Dr. Boede of Nachrichtenmittelversuchskommando (NVK) called at METOX every week.Produced R 203 covering 2-5 metres ...R 703 ...



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