Interrogation of Erwin Weise, Research and Development of Semi-conducting Materials

Practical Application for Ultra Sensitive Temperature Measuring Equipment and Automatic Control and Stabilizing Problems

British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee

Instrument Panel Group 2

Interrogation Report No. 600

7th February, 1946

by P.S. Brackenbury,

Directorate of Instrument Production

Main interest Research and development of semi-conducting materials, practical applications for ultra-sensitive temperature measuring equipment and automatic control and stabilizing problems.


Keywords: Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Weise was director of the Semi-Conductivity laboratory at Osram 1939-1945, Research work in the Rerhen Lab. Technical High School Berlin evacuated to Bad Liebenstein 1943 to end of hostilities; magnesium titanium spinel MgO.TiO2 bearing the name Urdox; secret patent 2 - method of obtaining electrically an exact vertical reference, base on a bridge ...  




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