Dutch Report on

German Manufacture of Scales

on Metal, Glass and Celluloid

BIOS Miscellaneous 101


Quite unusual, we cannot find any reference to the person who made this report


Keywords:    Visit to Leitz Optical Works, Wetzlar; Mr. Henri Dumur; ... Their best machine was made by Heyde in Dresden; Division on metal-surfaces ... ; wax-coating .. ; Divisions on glass photographic method ... ; Visit to Albert Nestler A.G. Lahr .. personnel interviewed Mr. Nestler Sr and Jr. making slide rules ... ; Astralon ... ; Visit to Zeiss-Opton, Heidenheim near Ulm ... Dr. Ramb, Dipl.-Ing. W. Traut ... evacuated to Heidenheim ... ; graduations on glass etching .. ; BAL-10 glass manufactured by Schott in Jena is very suitable .. ; Dr. Johannes Heidenhain .. J.D. Möller (Moeller) ..Wedel near Hamburg .. Mr Betz Mr. Fellman (Fellsmann?) Mr. Krasner; visit to E. Leybolds Nachfolger Berg Neustadt Mr. Meckenstock ... ; visit to Faber-Castell factory Geroldsgrün ... ; visit to Carl Mahr Esslingen Mr. Kustin (Küstin?), Mr Schmidt .. ; Visit to the ABA-Werke Aschaffenburg .. Mr. Otto and Mr. Kaspari .. ; etching fluid Corodol developped by RLM ... ; Dr. Heidenhain .. ; visit to Reich Aschaffenburg Mr Reich and Mr. Schubert ..



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