Optical Activities


Steinheil u. Söhne




Reported by

S/Ldr. G.S. Speak, R.A.E. Farnborough


Target No. 9/139


Keywords:    Object of visit, low reflecting films & semi-reflecting mirrors, Synthetic crystals, camera manufacture, photographic lens manufacture, Aircraft optical instrumenst; This target had previously eebn visited by photographic experts but was recommended that an optical specialist should also visit the firm ... ; Herr Schacht Director of the firm ... Dr. Rollwagen Chief Physicist .. Herr Ulrich from the sales staff .. Herr Bender Optical Inspector .. ; The firm had conducted a good deal of research during the war on coating of optical surfaces .. ; synthetic crystals of NaCl, KBr and LiF ... ; Steinheil had manufactured synthetic crystal of Potassium Bromide, Lithuim (Lithium Fluoride and Sodium Chloride) using a method developed by Pohl of Göttingen .. ; At the time of visit French Bronzavia aircraft cameras were in course of production to an order of Col. Goddard of the U.S.A.A.F.; A novel method was employed by the firm for focussing cameras, based on the described by Günther Korff of Göttingen .. ; Steinheil had made the wellknown Lotfe 7K bombsight to the Zeiss design. They had also designed a divebombsight termed the BZA20 at the same time as the TSA20 was designed by Zeiss ... Periscopic Gunsights ... RF2C and RF2B and OG19A .. PV1B .. ; since American Army authotities are in close touch with the firm and because of the conclusions it is recommended that no further investigation need to be made.



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