German Primary Battery


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General information: primary batteries are those which provide a specific voltage when the chemicals and metal interacting. Whereas a secundary cell provide a voltage after being charged. Their construction in combinations with chemicals and interacting metals will provide and maintain a specific voltage, AOB


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C31/2147, 31/2103, C31/2148, C31/811, C31/264, C31/2149, C31/2150, C31/2150

C31/2151, C31/2152, C31/2153, C31/2154, C31/2055, C31/2155, C31/2156, C31/2157

C31/2160, C31/2161, C31/2162, C31/2147, C31/2163, C31/2164, C31/2165, C31/1812



Keywords:    Introduction The German Priary Battery Industry; Interrogation Hermann A. Bumke; Interrogation Dr. C. Drotschmann; Prof. Dr. E. Lange (Erlangen University); Laboratorium Prof. Dr. A. Schmid GmbH; Siemens & Halske; Joseph Hegge batterie und Elementefabrik; J. Carstens & Co.; Hamburger Batterie Fabrik (HABAFA); Wilhelm Schröder; J. Rommel und Söhne; 'Aravo' Batterie; Columbo-Werke; Chem. Fabrik Eugen Ganz; Rhenus Batteriefabrik Ulm; Oscar Müller & Cie; Dr. Brause Nachfolger, Batterie und Elementenfabrik; Kirschner & Harsig; Carbone A.G.; Herman A Bumke; Batterie und Elementenfabrik Koch & Kruger; Zink-Industrie Wilhelm Grillo A.G.; Groove & Welter A.G.; Vereinigte Deutsche Metallgesellschaft; Conradty A.G.; Herlan & Co.; Tables of production figures during 1942-43; Description of Construction of Layer Cells (Pertrix & Franke); Classified list of Factories visited; Three firms Pertix, Zeiler, & Bumke accounted for 55 % of the total whilst a further two Daimon and Koch & Kruger accounted for 19 %; DIN VDE 1210, 0807, 0807K; ..Cells for low temperature Schenkel said .. ; Layer cells serious development work on layer batteries commenced in 1942 largely as a result of batteries which they had captured two firms Pertrix & Franke .. ; de-polariser; Layer cells .. Dr. Drotschmann .. drying out of electrolyte .. ; Development was at this stage when the war finished; Development of air-depolarised cells in germany ... ; Methodes of testing active carbon;  Dr. Drotschmann had used a zinc-lead dioxide electrode couple for radiosonde batteries ..... ; Prof. Dr. Erich Lange ... ; Chlorine batteries Prof Schmid ... ; Dr. Rummel ..    







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