German Quartz Clocks

BIOS 1316


Reported by

L. Essen

National Physical Laboratory

Personnel of Team W.T. Blackband M.o.S.


BIOS Trip 2889

BIOS Target Numbers

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Keywords:    Deutsche Hydrographische Institut ..; the eight clocks had been taken by the American authorities; director Prof. Heckmann; Dr. Lange, Mr. Voss in charge of time-keeping .. ; performance of clocks PTR clocks .. ; Nauen time signals from 1942; R&S Dr. Bannemann and Herr Leonhardt; Summary of Dr. L. Rohde 24.2.1947 in UK; CFQ, quartz silk thread .. ; A point of interest was the extremely low operating current of the valve driving the crystal. This was of the order of 0.1 m.a. and the long life of the valve .. there had been no failures yet although some had been in operation for eight years ..    




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