Test Gear for Frequency

Modulation and Television

BIOS 1269


Reported by

SDO D. Moody    M.o.S.

SDO J.A. Poulit    Canadian Signals Research and Development Establishment

SDO H. Page        M.o.S.


BIOS Trip No. 2319

BIOS team No. 2319

BIOS Target Numbers

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Keywords:    Siemens & Halske Berlin; Interrogation of Hans Roder; Telefunken GmbH; Lorenz Bln; Hamburg FM Police Communication System; Interrogation of Dr. Kroebel, Guericke GmbH; Deutsche Reichspost Aach, Singen Baden; Siemens & Halske Munich (München); P. Gossen; Siemens & Halske Erlangen;  Dr. Hoffman German Liaison Officer - Herr Ruf Section Leader - Herr Hagenhaus Development Engineer; Dr. Buckman Thilo (Buckmann?); two synchonised FM transmitters was located at Europa Haus Anhalter Bahnhof .... ; he had tried to stimulate interest in FM broadcasting on high frequencies during 1938, believing that this is the ultimate solution for high fidelity boroadcasting ... ; Herr Muth Section Leader (Telefunken) - Dr. Franz (Fränz?) Section Leader; Miachael and Rudolf using frequency modulation ... ; Lorenz target visited 17/6/1946 Herr Saberski German Liaison Officer and Dr. Seidelbach Section Leader; Hamburg FM Police Communication system, British Zone; At present transmission from the cars is not permitted ... main transmitter Kastor is situated in the Deutschering building .. ; Kastor push-pull reactance modulator!! ... ; Schloss Bredebeck was a camouflage title for the firm Hagenuk ... ; Prof. Falkenhagen .. ; Forschungsanstalt der Deutsche reichspost Aach Singen Baden French Zone .. ; Dr. Weiss Director Herr Weber Section Leader;  high definition employing 1000 lines ... ; Fernseh GmbH .. ; S&H Rel. Send 29a, 0.5 - 20 MHz;  Rel. Send 27a 5 - 300 MHz - Rel. Send 28a, 350 - 750 MHz .. ; S&H Erlangen dr. Ulrich .. Dr. Buchman (Buchmann?) Aslaknia ; L 9140 Fahrbarer Empfänger ... ;



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